Breakthrough in Traffic Infrastructure

10:04:35 AM | 25/11/2020

Vinh Phuc province has made breakthroughs in the transport infrastructure system in recent years, with synchronous modern investment in traffic infrastructure to ensure smooth connectivity to meet local transportation needs.

The transportation sector has mapped out the Transportation Master Plan to 2020, and vision to 2030. The province has built and upgraded many important traffic works to foster local socioeconomic development. Ring Road 3, Hop Chau - Dong Tinh Road, Hop Thinh - Dao Tu Road, roads to administrative centers of districts and communes; rural roads and infield roads, to name a few.

These traffic works have made Vinh Phuc one of the leading provinces in rural transport construction in the country.

Currently, Dam Vac Bridge, costing VND612.5 billion, is one of ongoing traffic projects in Vinh Phuc province. The project is expected to be completed and put into use 15 months from the date of commencement. The project will help promote urban infrastructure development of Vinh Yen City and connect with the North-South traffic axis of Vinh Phuc urban center according to the plan approved by the Prime Minister; connect urban areas, facilitate trade, services and tourism development, improve people’s livelihood quality and support the synchronous development of other economic sectors.

In addition, many key traffic works serving socioeconomic development and people's livelihoods have been upgraded and constructed, including a road from Bi La Bridge to Lap Thach Town, Hop Thinh - Dao Tu Road, Hop Chau - Dong Tinh Road, a road from Van Quan to the Lo River, Tay Thien - Tam Son Road, and a road from Hop Chau - Dong Tinh Road to Tay Thien scenic landscape.

In the coming time, to make breakthroughs in development investment of synchronous and modern transport infrastructure, match with sustainable urban development goals, and upgrade urban infrastructure to meet the first-class urban criteria to lay the premise for Vinh Phuc to become a centrally-run city, the province is determined to quickly develop the transport infrastructure to meet its quick development requirements and match its long-term development vision.

At the same time, the province will focus investment resources on urban infrastructure construction in Vinh Phuc, build and upgrade traffic routes and bridges linking Vinh Phuc with neighboring provinces and cities, and meeting development and regional connectivity requirements. Key projects include Ring Road 5 along the foot of Tam Dao Mountain, North - South and East - West trunk roads, Van Phuc Bridge and intersections along Noi Bai - Lao Cai Expressway.

By Quynh Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum