Hung Long Garment and Service JSC Always Taking Care of Employees

1:08:44 PM | 2/3/2021

Hung Long Garment and Service Joint Stock Company, founded in 1996, was transformed into a joint stock company in 2001 under the government policy. From 200 employees at first, the company has nearly 2,600 employees after more than 20 years of development. Since its inception, Hung Long has always been among the well-reputed textile and garment manufacturers of Vietnam, which is highly appreciated by Hung Yen leaders for social security, good employment for workers and valuable contributions to the local budget.

Mr. Phi Quang Duc, General Director of Hung Long Garment and Service Joint Stock Company, said, despite difficult circumstances, we still maintain production, keep customer prestige and pay special attention to employees’ lives.

In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic spread worldwide. Many economic sectors were adversely affected, including the textile and garment industry. The epidemic caused a direct impact in March and April when the Company had a sharp decrease in orders. Facing that situation, the company leaders discussed and made quick decisions: Strictly preventing epidemic prevention regulations of the Government and Hung Yen province and inspiring all employees to “join forces and unite together” to overcome difficulties and adjust production for the best.

As soon as the National Assembly adopted the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in 2018 and Vietnam and the European Union (EU) completed the legal review of the EVFTA Agreement, Hung Long Garment and Service Joint Stock Company actively revised and diversified product lines (jacket, swimwear, underwear, etc.) and diversified markets such as South Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe and ASEAN, General Director Phi Quang Duc added.

Thus, when the epidemic affected both domestic and export markets in 2020, Hung Long appropriately balanced the supply of goods to ensure business activities. In the year, the Vietnamese textile and garment industry suffered a 9% revenue decline but Hung Long only suffered a slight fall of 2-3% from 2019. Therefore, the company’s export value remained stable and an average monthly salary of an employee was over VND10 million.

Besides, Hung Long always actively takes part in local social and charity activities like financing the Fund for the Poor and the Study Promotion Fund. Every year, the company presents Tet gifts to people aged 70 or over in Di Su commune and VND2 million each child living in extreme difficulty. Hung Long also attaches much importance to supporting and sharing with employees living in difficulty to have a happy life to work harder for the company. When the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, Hung Long actively donated VND100 million to Hung Yen province and a lot of rice for poor people in My Hao town and gave cash to flood victims in Central Vietnam.

In the coming years, especially in 2021, given globally complicated development of the epidemic, Hung Long will continue to diversify products and markets, said General Director Phi Quang Duc. The company will also invest in training and developing high-quality human resources because when free trade agreements are in force, employees need to be more "elite" and seize business opportunities with countries having advanced technology, machinery, equipment and governance. Furthermore, in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, employee qualifications need to be raised. At the same time, Hung Long will continue to invest in facilities, technical infrastructure and working conditions to meet new requirements.

Currently, the demand for quick market response, particularly for quick orders and low product costs, demands employees to quickly adapt. Therefore, the company knows that dynamism and innovation to adapt to each development and the market and people are always a key to every success.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum