“Investing in Yen Bai province is a right choice”

10:38:33 AM | 6/4/2021

This is a confirmation by Mr. Tang Yu Yun, Director of Vietnam Thien An Wood Co., Ltd. Arriving in Phia Nam Industrial Park, Yen Bai province five years ago, the company has quickly become a strong FDI firm, not only being a top importer and exporter but also hiring and equipping local workers with good skills and inspirational and dedicated attitude.

Active support of the local government

Yen Bai has abundant natural resources, enough for mining development. With a dynamic administration, the province has introduced many flexible and reasonable mechanisms and policies. The provincial government is very open, friendly, attentive, prompt to deal with difficulties faced by businesses. In addition, Yen Bai is building a convenient transportation system to reduce delivery time and production costs. At the same time, Yen Bai has an abundant labor force, with a lot of well-trained workers.

These conditions have helped the province to attract many foreign-invested mineral processors including Vietnam Thien An Wood Co., Ltd. Right after exploring the investment environment, the company received enthusiastic support from Yen Bai leaders, especially the authority of industrial parks. In a short time, the company was able to build the factory that makes wood panels, flooring wood and kitchen cabinets on a 6-hectare lot in Phia Nam Industrial Park. Costing VND136.1 billion, the project is capable of making 2 million square meters of flooring wood, 100,000 cubic meters of plywood, 130,000 cubic meters of wood veneer, and 100,000 cubic meters of household wooden boards a year.

Director Tang Yu Yun said, this result came from the attention and support of provincial leaders. Currently, the company is operating stably, employing more than 400 workers, paid VND7.5 million a month on average. Every year, the company exports more than 2 million square meters of wood to the U.S. market.

In 2020, confronting numerous difficulties and challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam Thien An Wood Co., Ltd still managed to maintain business operations and expand the factory to boost production to meet increasing market demand.

Focusing on building corporate culture

Vietnam Thien An Wood Co., Ltd also attaches great importance to building corporate culture, taking care of employees’ livelihoods, and creating a friendly, secure and professional working environment. Thus, the company can always draw high-quality labor to meet business expansion demands.

Mr. Tang Yu Yun proudly said, “We always think that people are the most important property of the company. A contingent of talented employees dedicated to the business is the foundation of success. So, the first and foremost core values are the employees. In Thien An, they have a safe and positive working environment. We always strive to invest in healthcare and motivate them to get connected and recognized.”

Accordingly, safety is the top priority of the company. The leadership is always concerned about employee safety, not only in the workplace but also and on the way to work. The company has always focused on raising awareness of employee health and safety. Therefore, despite being operational in one of the industries with a high rate of occupational accidents, Thien An has managed to have no occupational accidents since its inception. Every year, the company organizes occupational health and safety festivals to raise safety awareness such as providing helmets for all employees, organizing training courses on driving safety.

Besides, human development is always a top concern of Vietnam Thien An Wood Co., Ltd. The company develops extensive training programs and clear career roadmaps for its employees to have opportunities to achieve career promotion. Only in Thien An Vietnam, can workers become shift leaders, and technical workers become engineers. Every year, the company hosts events to support its employees to balance their lives and have a healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least, with the motto "Communication is key to business success", the company organizes regular dialogues between the leadership, HR Director and employees to update business results, exchange topics of interest and create opportunities for employees to ask questions directly to the management. These programs are not only opportunities to connect and build solidarity of all employees but also an opportunity to help the leadership to better understand employees' lives to make timely and helpful adjustments. This is also the key feature in the corporate culture of Vietnam Thien An Wood Co., Ltd.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum