Chairman of Xuan Thanh Group: Inspiring Passion

9:26:23 AM | 30/8/2021

Starting his business from scratch, entrepreneur Nguyen Xuan Thanh’s life is a long journey to overcome difficulties and challenges. His very sharp vision in business has made him successful in the market and at the same time had many contributions to his homeland and society.

Devoted to the homeland

Xuan Thanh Group was established in July 2009, formerly known as Binh Minh Construction Enterprise. For Thanh, choosing Ninh Binh province to start his business was predestined. After a long time of doing business in other localities, he returned to start a new business in his hometown where he nurtured his dreams and added wings to his first projects.

To date, after more than 40 years of construction and development, Xuan Thanh Group has become a large conglomerate with 30 member companies active in various industries. The group now has over 15,000 full-time employees and generated jobs for thousands of indirect workers. Xuan Thanh Group has become a national brand - the pride of Vietnamese people in the journey to the world.

Its projects in recent years have created a new shape for Ninh Binh, including Ninh Binh Gymnasium, 700-bed Ninh Binh General Hospital, Ninh Binh Solid Waste Treatment Plant, 900-bed Ninh Binh Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital, Hoang Long Dike, the Headquarters of the Provincial Party Committee, anti-flooding facilities in Ninh Binh City and Hoa Lu district.

Not only accelerating economic development and building his homeland, Thanh also always desires to do charity and social welfare. For him, to be successful in business, beside vision, we must have devotion. Every year, his group spends a lot of money on charity and social welfare.

Desire to reach the vast sea

As a person who is adept in business and opportunity, he realized that the investment demand in Ninh Binh province and in its industrial zones is on the rise and many investors are exploring and looking to invest in business projects in the province. However, the biggest difficulty of Ninh Binh is that the limited land fund in industrial zones for investment projects, while investment incentive policies are no longer consistent with current practices.

To promptly welcome new investment flows into industrial zones, he boldly asked the province to allow Gian Khau Industrial Park to expand its area. Covering 500 ha, the industrial park has synchronous and modern infrastructure from wastewater and solid waste treatment systems to service facilities such as accommodations for workers and experts, banking and telecommunications systems. This will be a multi-industry industrial park for smart and eco-friendly industrial investors such as electricity - electronics, mechanical engineering, and food. Thanh affirmed that he wanted to build a modern eco-friendly industrial park of regional and international standard and at the same time made the best preparations for the new wave of FDI flows to the province.

Besides Ninh Binh, Xuan Thanh Group also invests in cement plants in Ha Nam, Quang Nam, Binh Phuoc and Kien Giang provinces to meet local development needs and goals.

Aspiring to reach new highs, the group expanded its scope of business to power generation, insurance business and taxi. In recent years, the group has also expanded its overseas investment. Specifically, it invested in hydroelectric projects (600 MW) in the Republic of Cameroon (Africa), hydroelectricity and wind power (1,200 MW) and two cement plants (3 million tons a year) in the Republic of Nicaragua (the Americas).

In his 60s, despite being very busy with business, with a desire to spread his passion and help prospective entrepreneurs, Thanh agreed to be the chairman of the Ninh Binh Business Association. He compared himself to a bird that doesn't get tired when its wings are long and wide enough. He wants to lift other companies to go with this company and lead them to unite and help each other for joint development. The Ninh Binh Business Association under his leadership has performed well its role and responsibilities as a bridge and representative of legitimate voice and interests of its members.

Carrying a lot of plans and dreams, entrepreneur Nguyen Xuan Thanh does not consider himself to be old. He still wants to be passionate with new projects and challenges, to "be himself" and spread the flame to the next generations.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum