Construction Sector Actively Enhancing Investment and Business Environment

9:08:12 AM | 3/9/2021

To lure investors, Ninh Binh construction industry has more strongly improved the business and investment environment and complete infrastructure to create a foundation and driving force for economic development.

Raising the quality of construction planning management

Construction planning plays an important role in shaping space development, infrastructure and urban landscape. As directed by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, construction planning and management has achieved much progress. Urban planning and management has helped promote urban systems and caught up with socioeconomic development requirements. Urban construction planning is also focused. Urban areas are expanded not only in size and area, but also in the quality of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure and public services.

In addition, within its jurisdiction, the Ninh Binh Department of Construction advised and submitted a draft of the Ninh Binh Urban Development Program to 2030, with a vision to 2050, to the Provincial People's Committee. The province will strive to have nine urban areas by 2030, including second-grade urban area (Ninh Binh City), one third-grade urban area (Tam Diep City), two fourth-grade urban centers (Nho Quan Town and Phat Diem Town) and five fifth-grade urban centers (Binh Minh Town, Me Town, Yen Ninh Town, Yen Thinh Town and Gian Khau Town).

Mr. Cao Truong Son, Director of the Department of Construction, said it is necessary to implement solutions for better quality of construction planning management in the province in the coming time. In addition to administration of governmental agencies, it is important to actively engage people, the business community, and investors in complete, effective urban planning and management in line with socio-economic development stages. Based on specific goals, the Urban Development Program set out specific upgrade plans for each period of 2021-2025, 2026-2030 and 2030-2050.

Reforming administrative procedures, supporting people and businesses

Knowing that administrative procedure reform is an important task, the Ninh Binh Construction Department regularly reviews administrative procedures, and promptly advises the Provincial People's Committee to announce the list of administrative procedures, internal procedures and electronic processes under its jurisdiction. Administrative procedures are publicly listed and posted on its website to facilitate people and businesses handle related matters.

Currently, the Department of Construction provides 46 administrative procedures, including two procedures of Level 4, 22 procedures of Level 3 and 22 procedures of Level 2 on the public administration portal. Following the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, the department reviewed and proposed upgrading the level of public administrative services, with 34 out of 36 procedures being delivered at Level 4, one at Level 3 and 11 at Level 2. The agency also proposed applying, simplifying and reducing the working time for 23 administrative procedures: Construction (10 procedures), real estate business (one procedure), housing (eight procedures), construction quality management (one procedure), and planning (three procedures). Currently, the time for granting construction permits is reduced to nine days from 15 days for individual houses, and to 13 days from 20 days for other works.

Especially, from April 2021, all administrative procedures will be submitted and settlement results will be delivered at the Provincial Public Administration Center, therefore enhancing publicity and transparency of administrative procedures of the province in general and of the Department of Construction in particular.

To make Ninh Binh an attractive destination for investors, Mr. Cao Truong Son pledged that the department will further review, revise or build regulations on construction investment; review and simplify administrative procedures; and research and optimize the appraisal process to ensure the best quality of appraisal works, shortening the appraisal time without causing trouble for investors, organizations and individuals.

The Department also advised the Provincial People's Committee to request the District People's Committees to increase investment for planning and detailed planning; improve the quality and management of construction planning; regularly conduct inspections to promptly handle wrongdoings in the construction industry.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum