“Turning Challenges into Actions”

10:52:56 AM | 16/3/2022

That is the viewpoint stated by Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Director of VNPT Bac Lieu, about the company's efforts to address difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Upholding the spirit that VNPT Bac Lieu is a common roof for all employees, the leadership is always innovative and exemplary, standing side by side with all employees, fostering their energy and creativity to deal with difficulties and challenges together to complete all business tasks. Quoc Hung reports.

Could you please tell us about the business outcomes of VNPT Bac Lieu in 2021?

The socioeconomic development of Vietnam in general and Bac Lieu province in particular in 2021 was quite difficult and challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said to be many times harder to be controlled than in 2020. Broad social distancing was imposed for quite a long time (2-3 months), stalling manufacturing and business activities of local enterprises and hurting local economy as well as VNPT Bac Lieu. However, in that tough time, all employees of VNPT Bac Lieu spared no effort to work together to complete business plans assigned by VNPT Group. Specifically, its profit was 6.5% higher than in 2020 and its tax payment was more than VND30 billion, fulfilling all tasks. Their employees were ensured stable decent jobs. VNPT Bac Lieu affirmed its leadership in local digital transformation, and actively joined programs to build digital government, digital economy and digital society. Typical projects included document exchange tailed for socioeconomic reporting from grassroots to central levels, interconnected nationwide.

As the province struggled to fight the pandemic, as a local enterprise, how did VNPT Bac Lieu join this effort?

Despite existing hardships, VNPT also endeavored to become a leading company in support of local authorities and people to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and funded VND2 billion to social security, including VND100 million to the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund, aid for pandemic prevention forces in the province, 2,000 tablet computers for poor children in response to the “Waves and Computers for Children” Program launched by the Prime Minister, and 12,000 4G cellular Sim cards for poor and disadvantaged students in the province to follow online study during the pandemic season.

Would you be kind enough to tell us about VNPT Bac Lieu's efforts in digital transformation and its positive outcomes?

VNPT Bac Lieu is one of leading telecom, information technology service providers in Bac Lieu province. The company plays a key role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by joining economic transformation and digitization. Therefore, VNPT prepared necessary steps for this revolution by establishing an information technology center which is responsible for building and deploying information technology products and services for individual and corporate customers. VNPT Bac Lieu will integrate artificial intelligence (AI), bigdata and cloud technologies into services to create a new enabling environment for customers. At the same time, it will help increase their product and service competitiveness in the market.

Currently, VNPT's IT services or also known as digital services for businesses, have been applied to three main areas: Healthcare, education and e-government.

VNPT's education management software, VnEdu, is currently ranked No. 1 by market share in Vietnam and used in 63 provinces and cities, including Bac Lieu. VNPT finished building VnEdu 2.0, with a full ecosystem to provide both an Elearning online training platform and further strengthen parent, student - teacher communication exchange.

On e-government, VNPT has deployed the eGov product to Bac Lieu province with the standard framework. The iOffice document management system was tested and officially used in January 2022 with a 4-level interconnection of full modules linked to about 300 agencies at all levels across the province. The socioeconomic reporting system was deployed to connect four levels, allowing Bac Lieu to connect with the whole country.

In the health sector, VNPT HIS, an ecosystem for medical examination and treatment management and health insurance payment, was applied to 40 medical units in the province. VNPT HIS has been expanded by VNPT to develop into a digital health ecosystem towards a smart hospital model.

With those preparations and changes, VNPT Bac Lieu has transformed from a traditional telecom service provider (telco) to a digital communication service provider (DSP) in order to shift to digital services, value-added services, information technology, and information and communication technology.

With that capacity, how has VNPT Bac Lieu sided with the province in digital transformation, administrative reform and business climate improvement?

With ongoing efforts, VNPT Bac Lieu has achieved encouraging results on digitizing administrative work and local government. VNPT Bac Lieu will further cooperate with the locality in digital transformation, administrative reform, and business environment improvement with best technology, telecom, information technology products and services to bring best experiences and services to customers. VNPT Bac Lieu will always stand by authorities and people of Bac Lieu to take firm steps on the difficult and challenging road of digital transformation, thereby affirming its important role in the current Industry 4.0.

By Vietnam Business Forum