Actively, Flexibly Improving Investment Promotion

10:45:28 AM | 27/4/2022

Tra Vinh province achieved positive results in investment attraction into economic zones and industrial zones over the past time. Its investment promotion has been further enhanced. Economic zones and industrial zones have helped draw investment resources, restructure the economy, increase budget revenue, promote growth and create jobs to lead industrialization, modernization and international integration of Tra Vinh province. Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter has an interview with Mr. Luu Van Nhanh, Deputy Director of the Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority, on these achievements.

How do you assess the development and role of economic zones and industrial zones 30 years after provincial re-establishment?

Tra Vinh province is currently home to Dinh An Economic Zone, covering a total area of 39,020 ha (including 15,403.7 ha in the first phase) and three industrial parks: Long Duc Industrial Park (100 ha, fully leased by tenants, Co Chien Industrial Park (199.98ha, being compensated for site clearance) and Cau Quan Industrial Park (120 ha in the first phase, being submitted to the Ministry of Planning and Investment to request the Prime Minister for approval).

As of December 31, 2021, local economic zones and industrial zones attracted 84 projects with VND149,338.43 billion of investment capital and created jobs for 16,393 workers. Specifically, Dinh An Economic Zone drew 50 projects with VND145,355.32 billion; Long Duc Industrial Park housed 33 projects with VND3,234.13 billion; and Co Chien Industrial Park had one infrastructure construction and operation project with VND748.98 billion.

In 2021, despite COVID-19 pandemic impacts, the total industrial production value of economic zones and industrial zones was VND18,230 billion, accounting for 56% of the province's industrial value (VND32,015 billion); the total export value amounted at US$299.80 million and the payment to the State Budget climbed to VND2,300 billion, accounting for 55% of the province’s total budget revenue.

Needless to say, economic zones and industrial zones have helped accelerate economic restructuring for a better outcome; create better paid jobs for workers; increase industrial production value, and create a driving force for socioeconomic development, making important contributions to implementation and completion of the set targets.

To increase investment funds into economic and industrial zones and facilitate investors and businesses, how has the authority reformed administrative procedures from “licensing” thinking to “service” mindset?

Defining that reforming administrative procedures is one of key cross cutting tasks, the Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority has accelerated administrative procedure settlement in the spirit of publicity and transparency, and advanced the single-window mechanism to better serve investors. In addition, we have regularly reviewed and abolished invalid administrative procedures, updated new ones and requested the Provincial People's Committee for early announcement and application.

Currently, the authority is responsible for providing 52 administrative procedures, with the settlement time of 40 procedures slashed by a half and 12 procedures by 30%. The authority brought 12 administrative procedures to the single-window division (receiving, appraising, approving and returning results) at the Tra Vinh Public Administration Service Center. At the same time, the authority released a plan to implement the single-window reform project with the aim of settling administrative procedures in 2022 at the Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority, Decision 18/QD-BQLKKT on establishment of a steering committee for administrative procedure reform. It also improved its competitiveness and digital transformation.

In particular, “friendly government and office”, “office smile”, “Accompanying businesses and investors to solve difficulties and problems in implementing administrative procedures” models have been widely deployed to make clear progress and helped save time and costs for businesses, thus assuring investors doing business in the province and improving the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

While the Government is carrying out economic recovery solutions and investment trends are shifting, how has the authority prepared Tra Vinh to receive investment capital flows?

Determining that infrastructure is an important factor of investment attraction, the authority has paid special attention to completing the infrastructure system in economic zones and industrial zones in recent years. We have focused all our resources to draw investors into key infrastructure projects such as infrastructure systems in economic and industrial zones, Long Toan Port Industry and Service Zone, non tariff zones, logistic bonded warehouses, urban - service - commerce - healthcare - education areas. Moreover, the authority has consulted the Provincial People's Committee to work out a resolution on Dinh An Industrial Park development in 2022 - 2025, with a vision to 2030.

In addition to focusing on infrastructure development, the authority has revised, supplemented, and promulgated some new breakthrough mechanisms and policies such as human resource training, employment and long-term life assurance (work, housing and social security for experts and workers). Furthermore, it has introduced solutions to reduce the time to settle investment procedures and support investors, applied science and technology to production for higher product quality.

While preparing necessary conditions, how has investment promotion been focused and reformed?

Despite being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority has actively renewed investment promotion by prioritizing localized promotion while launching many online programs to introduce the local investment environment and potential advantages at international seminars.

The authority has regularly updated and built the list of investment projects, and amends and supplements (Vietnamese - English, Vietnamese - Japanese, Vietnamese - Korean) maps and drawings of economic and industrial zones for digitization. Selected information on natural and social conditions, potential, investment environment and support policies are regularly updated on the websites of the Provincial People's Committee ( and the Tra Vinh Economic Zone Authority ( We also order domestic and foreign media agencies to write articles and reports on newspapers and television.

Regarding localized investment promotion, the authority has concentrated on well-prepared investment promotion, closely followed the province’s socioeconomic development planning, linked investment promotion with trade and tourism promotion; and attracted projects using advanced technology and governance to unlock local strengths.

Moreover, online investment promotion continued to be reformed and diversified for specific audiences and major markets such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and the United States. Last but not least, it fostered cooperation with foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam, organizations and international investment consulting companies to open investment promotion activities and approach potential investors.

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By Vietnam Business Forum