Speeding Up Digital Transformation, Moving Toward Digital Government

12:01:15 PM | 13/6/2022

Hau Giang province has stepped up information technology application and digital transformation, with focus placed on building a digital government, to enhance local socioeconomic development management efficiency and provide better services for citizens and businesses.

Mr. La Hoang Trung, Director of Hau Giang Department of Information and Communications

Digital infrastructure construction

Currently, postal and telecommunications services in Hau Giang province are ready to meet the needs of people and businesses, including adoption of digital platforms and digital social applications.

IT infrastructure in governmental agencies has been invested to well serve their administrative work. The province has also carried out projects to build e-government and smart cities by expanding the online videoconferencing system to the commune level; building and upgrading shared platforms; and expanding and upgrading the online public service portal. Up to now, Hau Giang Smart City Supervision and Administration Center has received and coordinated to handle more than 2,800 scene reports from people. Public satisfaction with settlement results delivered by governmental agencies is on the rise, reaching over 90%.

Fostering IT applications, Hau Giang has deployed the national online payment platform (PayGov) application and used electronic receipts on the Public Service Portal and the Electronic Single Window System. In 2022, telecommunications businesses are testing 5G services in Hau Giang province.

In addition, in order to develop the digital economy, the Department of Information and Communications is carrying out solutions to support agricultural production households to access e-commerce platforms, building a database of digital addresses, and establishing a community digital technology working group to support people.

Developing digital companies

In 2021-2025, Hau Giang province determines that keys for development are successfully building e-government, advancing towards digital government and implementing a comprehensive digital environment at government agencies.

Mr. La Hoang Trung, Director of Hau Giang Department of Information and Communications, said Hau Giang province’s digital economy development begins with supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to carry out digital transformation. In 2021, the department advised the Provincial People's Committee adopt Plan 182/KH-UBND dated October 20, 2021 on developing digital enterprises in Hau Giang province in 2021 - 2025, with an eye to 2030; and Plan 183/KH-UBND dated October 29, 2021 on SME support in digital transformation in 2021 - 2025.

In 2021-2025, Hau Giang strives to bring 100% of public services of Level 3 and Level 4 online with various means of access. Document management software will be deployed to 100% of governmental agencies in the province, connected and linked to the Vietnam Data Exchange Platform (VDXP). All documents exchanged among governmental agencies are in an electronic form and digital signatures are installed on the document management software.

By 2025, all enterprises will have access to information on digital transformation; 50% will use e-commerce applications for business; at least 200 businesses will receive support from the Plan; and an expert network will be established to provide consultations on digital transformation for businesses.

To achieve this goal, in the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications will continue to develop and complete mechanisms and policies on digital business development, digital infrastructure, digital product development and digital market development. The department will boost communication and information to raise awareness of digital business development.

In addition, human resources are defined as an important and significant factor to the success of digital transformation and the province has thus expanded IT skills training for employees of governmental agencies and provided training on IT knowledge and skills for enterprises and businesses to adopt and develop digital transformation.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum