Renovating Awareness and Thinking about Tourism Development

2:08:52 PM | 14/11/2022

Referring to Binh Duong province, many people will immediately think of this as a dynamically developing industrial land, one of the localities with high economic growth, attracting many domestic and foreign investors and workers. Not only that, Binh Duong also has a lot of potential to develop the tourism service industry.

Camping at Dau Tieng Lake

Binh Duong province has a long history and culture. Currently, the province has 63 ranked historical - cultural relics and scenic spots, including 13 national-level relics and 50 provincial-level ones.

Besides, the locality also has traditional crafts famous not only in the province but also in the Southeast region such as: pottery, lacquer, wood carving, bamboo and rattan weaving; relatively diverse natural tourism resources with a system of rivers, forests, mountains and lakes. The province orients to develop the tourism industry with a focus on meeting the needs of entertainment, sightseeing and relaxation for experts, investors, and workers who come to live and work in the province and cities in the Southeast and Southwest regions.

Over the past time, the province has propagated to raise the awareness of the political system from the province to the grassroots, tourism businesses to the residential community about the position, role and importance of the tourism industry to the economic, cultural and social development. Tourism is defined as a general economic sector, with interdisciplinary, inter-regional, highly socialized, deep humanity features, creating jobs, contributing to economic integration, creating motivation for the development of other sectors, politics, foreign affairs, security and defense. It has raised awareness of people, communities and businesses in civilized and tourist-friendly behavior, environmental protection, service quality assurance and branding of Binh Duong tourism. It has renovated thinking, developing tourism according to the rules of a market economy, ensuring consistency from viewpoints and goals, meeting the requirements of developing tourism to become an important economic sector in the coming time.

Dau Tieng Lake

Recently, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has advised establishing a Support Fund for Tourism Promotion, to develop and promulgate regulations on the establishment and use of the Support Fund for Tourism Promotion; policies to encourage and support the development of new tourism products and tourism human resource development. It has invested in infrastructure development, material and technical facilities for tourism development. In infrastructure investment, the province has focused on inland waterway transport infrastructure to serve the development of tourism along the Saigon and Dong Nai rivers. It has increased the number of standard accommodation rooms to contribute to improving the quality of products and services; encouraging accommodation business establishments to renovate and upgrade service quality systems to serve tourists. It has developed a system of high-class hotels to serve high-spending tourists, as well as improve the quality of accommodation services in Binh Duong province.

With tourism products, the province has focused on building, exploiting and developing typical tourism products (visiting traditional craft villages), main tourist product groups (ecotourism, entertainment, visiting  and exploring relics, industrial parks, manufacturing plants, seeking investment opportunities). At the same time, it has consolidated and maintained existing products and services, gradually building facilities and conditions to develop a group of complementary tourism products.

In addition, it has studied to redefine the tourist market to strengthen tourism propaganda and promotion. Accordingly, it has focused on promotion, propaganda and advertising on target market segments in many forms. It has coordinated with the Authority of Industrial Parks to provide necessary information on tourism for professionals and workers and training facilities to provide information on the tourism type of exploring the system of relics to attract students and pupils.

It has developed communication programs, popularized cultural behavior towards tourists, the environment and natural resources. It has organized conferences and seminars to strengthen linkages between sectors, regions, localities, and between the public and private sectors in tourism development.

In the first nine months of 2022, Binh Duong's tourism industry was estimated to serve 1,530,000 visitor arrivals (including 225,000 international arrivals and 1,305,000 domestic arrivals), reaching 102% of the plan (1,500,000 arrivals) over the same period in 2021, an increase of 306% (500,000 arrivals); and tourism revenue was estimated at VND1,040 billion, reaching 86.7% of the plan (VND1,200 billion), up 260% over the same period in 2021 (VND400 billion).

It has actively organized and participated in domestic and foreign conferences and seminars on investment promotion and tourism development; taking advantage of international tourism and economic forums to introduce, propagate and promote provincial tourism.

It has built a tourism brand identity system in Binh Duong province associated with the slogan of "Experience and feeling". It has researched and developed plans and programs for digital transformation in the field of tourism and smart tourism development. It has promoted the application of information technology in tour booking services, accommodation and payment.

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