Development Philosophy of Binh Duong Province

4:37:18 PM | 15/11/2022

Through 25 years of construction and development, Binh Duong province has formed its own philosophy, becoming a guideline for strategies and goals in the coming years.

Building an effective investment business environment

Building an effective business environment is a prerequisite for efficient resource allocation, ensuring maximum productivity, and facilitating the most effective use of labor and capital factors. This will promote the attraction of businesses and investors for production and business activities.

In addition, an effective business environment is a foundation for incubating the innovation process, promoting creative capacity, and unleashing potential capital for the development process. From the experience of attracting foreign investment and becoming one of the leading localities in the country in attracting FDI, Binh Duong province realizes that an effective business environment is not only reflected in the construction of the domestic market, but also in actively participating in the globalization process, taking full advantage of opportunities and effectively dealing with negative external economic impacts.

Building a harmonious, humane and sustainable society

The harmony between economic and social growth will ensure sustainable development. This is drawn from the success of the industrial development model following the complete ecosystem of Binh Duong province. The province has always been consistent with the philosophy of "people-centered for all strategies", considering each resident, migrant worker as an "investor" in compensation and site clearance work and human resources; each investor as "a citizen" in the work of attracting and promoting trade. From there, the province determines the responsibility to build a complete ecosystem, helping all classes to "settle in and work", building a sustainable life in Binh Duong province. It is a strategy to attract humanity, through many generations of provincial leaders.

This is reflected very clearly in the planning and development of existing urban areas, for example, Binh Duong New City, social housing areas, resettlement areas are built interwoven with urban areas. This planning method creates equality in access to social infrastructure such as health care and education, and technical infrastructure, public spaces and services such as parks, supermarkets and stores. This is the foundation for building a humane, sustainable and harmonious society.

Building a dynamic and constructive local government

Over the years, the government of Binh Duong province has always played a fundamental, constructive, driving and bridging role for entities in society to maximize creativity and contribute to the common development. This is evident in the process of administrative procedure reform. The centralized administrative building project has created a turning point, accelerating the process of reforming administrative procedures and one-stop administration in Binh Duong province.

On the other hand, the provincial government always accompanies, supports and removes difficulties for businesses and investors, thereby mobilizing social resources for economic development. This is reflected in the thousands of kilometers of intra-provincial and regional roads, the centralized administrative building built from corporate capital, and the global marketing system of leading enterprises. The companionship of Provincial governments has had an impact on many provinces across the country.

In particular, the cohesion and construction of Binh Duong province's government is further reflected in the Smart City project, with the model of three pillars as the foundation: State - School - Business. In which the provincial government plays a promoting role. School is a pioneer in the fields of education, human development, scientific research and innovation. Businesses put the results of education and the policy of the state into practice.

These things affirm that building a dynamic, cohesive and accompanied government with businesses determines the harmonious, balanced and sustainable development for the whole society, thereby promoting development and overcoming challenges to go up new ladders.

Nguyen Van Hung - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Becamex IDC

Source: Vietnam Business Forum