Many Component Projects Launched in Ethnic Minority Areas

7:55:54 AM | 26/12/2022

Carrying out the Prime Minister’s Decision 1719/QD-TTg dated October 14, 2021 on the National Target Program for Socioeconomic Development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in 2021 - 2030, with the first phase from 2021 to 2025, and related guiding documents, Son La Provincial People's Committee issued Plan 258/KH-UBND dated October 28, 2022 on the action program with 10 component projects in Son La province.

Sustainable agricultural and forest production for ethnic minorities

The budget for 10 component projects is VND1,204.22 billion in 2022, including VND919.42 billion from the central budget, VND49.17 billion from the local budget, VND219.3 billion from loans and VND16.33 billion from other sources.

Specifically, Project 1: Solving shortages of residential and housing land, production land and water for daily life. Project 2: Planning, arranging and stabilizing the population in necessary places. Project 3: Developing sustainable agricultural and forestry production to unlock local potential strengths of production along value chains. Project 4: Investing in essential infrastructure for production and life in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in 126 poor communes. Project 5: Developing education and training to improve the quality of human resources. Project 6: Preserving and promotion of fine traditional cultural values of ethnic minorities associated with tourism development. Project 7: Taking care of people's health, improving the health and stature of ethnic minorities, and preventing child malnutrition. Project 8: Realizing gender equality and solving urgent problems for women and children. Project 9: Investing and developing ethnic minority groups. Project 10: Communication, information and advocacy in ethnic minority areas; inspecting, supervising and assessing the performance of the program.

As directed by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee actively launched the action program; established a steering committee and a workgroup to assist the program implementation; asked the Provincial People's Council to issue a resolution on principles, criteria, and norms for allocating medium-term and annual state-funded budget for program implementation as well as funding plans in the 2021 - 2025 period, including the 2022 funding plan, for the program implementation. This is the basis for relevant agencies at all levels and branches to make medium-term and annual funding plans, helping carry out the program in a timely, fast and effective manner. Up to now, the program implementation in 2022 has basically met the schedule, requirements and plan.

To further improve the material and spiritual life for ethnic minorities and mountainous people, Son La Provincial People's Committee has focused on directing the following specific tasks and solutions:

- Strengthening communications and advocacy to raise awareness of the political system and people about the position, role and importance of ethnic affairs as well as consistent ethnicity policies of our Party and the State; spreading information and communication on contents, purposes, significance and effect of the National Target Program on Socioeconomic Development in ethnic minority areas in the 2021-2030 period, ethnic minority policy programs and projects in order to help ethnic minorities develop production, stabilize the economy, and rise out of poverty sustainably.

- Effectively carrying out projects and policies under the program, coordinating and integrating with ongoing programs and projects in the province, such as the National Target Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction and the National Target Program on New Rural Development, to improve quality and effect of project and policy implementation on ethnic minorities.

- Strengthening inspection and supervision of program and project implementation in the province to promptly detect and correct errors in implementation; scaling up and rewarding new models and effective ways of doing things; assessing, reviewing and proposing amendments, supplements, and improvements to mechanisms, policies, programs and projects.

- Further preserving, honoring and promoting cultural identity, languages, writings, customs and traditional beliefs of ethnic minorities; managing and organizing festivals of ethnic minorities, enabling people to create an exciting atmosphere for a better spiritual life of ethnic minorities.

With the actions and determination of the Party, authorities, mass organizations and people, we believe that Son La province will achieve all program goals, especially those set for 2022.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum