Vinh Phuc Striving to Upgrade Online Public Services

8:18:16 AM | 26/1/2023

Knowing that applying online public services is a key task to develop the e-government and move toward the digital government, Vinh Phuc province has worked aggressively for the better delivery of online public services of Level 3 and Level 4.

In response to the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, all levels and branches of government have informed and guided people and businesses to submit online records and make online payments on the National Public Service Portal. All cases eligible for online application are guided by relevant agencies to create an account and submit them online. Digitization, database building and connection and sharing of administrative data in the electronic environment are focused on implementation. All political agencies formed and developed many important industry databases, including a data system for public services.

Only the data being stored at the Provincial Information Infrastructure Center for political agencies have reached 650TB. Currently, two particularly important databases, population and land, are being synchronously built with the national database. To ensure information and financial security for people and businesses in the online environment, technical bodies regularly check and ensure information safety and network security for public platform infrastructure and digital infrastructure to secure a reliable and safe transaction environment for State agencies, people and businesses.

By the end of November 2022, Vinh Phuc had 746 administrative procedures delivered online, synchronized with and integrated into the National Public Service Portal. Online payment of fees and charges for all public services was applied. In November, 17 agencies and units of the province filed records online. Nearly 4,400 online applications were filed to provincial agencies and the Provincial Public Administration Service Center, accounting for 21.09% of total applications handled, an increase of 4.19% over October 2022.

At district-level single-window divisions, all nine districts and cities filed over 22,000 online records, accounting for 83.83% of total records settled by districts and cities, an increase of 34.01% compared to October 2022. Online public services are proven to enhance efficiency, publicity and transparency of administrative procedures, and help people and businesses reduce travel time and cost. As a result, the efficiency of online public services is highly appreciated by people and businesses. Vinh Phuc province was ranked 18th out of 63 provinces and cities in the business and public satisfaction index in November 2022.

To enhance the working efficiency, provision and application of online public services, in the coming time, the province will continue to apply information technology to handle administrative procedures, ensure network safety and security, and expand online public services delivered as directed by the Prime Minister.

By Thanh Loan, Vietnam Business Forum