Vinh Phuc Business Association: Effectively Linking and Motivating Enterprise Development

5:37:03 PM | 3/5/2023

The Vinh Phuc Business Association is a social-professional entity that represents the business community of Vinh Phuc province. With more than 20 years of operation, the association has always aimed for sustainable business development and significantly contributed to local socioeconomic development.

Vinh Phuc Business Association’s 4th Congress, 2020-2025 term

Every year, the association adopts various tasks and solutions to support business development, strengthen its apparatus, grow membership, and improve its work performance. The core activity is “Linking and motivating local business development by bridging enterprises and authorities of Vinh Phuc province”.

Currently, the association has over 1,100 members who are the extended arms of the association in grasping business situations, difficulties and obstacles, as well as sending recommendations and proposals from enterprises to the Provincial People's Committee for effective solutions.

The Vinh Phuc Business Association is an official member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and is assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to act as a lead agency in working with relevant agencies and localities to carry out the cooperation agreement between the Provincial People's Committee and VCCI; and propose that the province coordinate with VCCI to organize many seminars and training programs to improve the business investment environment and support business development. Especially, to promote its standing role at the Provincial Coordinating Board to connect enterprises and schools in training and recruiting workers, the association established the Vocational Skills Advisory Group to connect human resource training by professions that businesses need to ensure decent jobs.

The "linking" activity is reflected in its MoUs with business associations of other provinces, and MoUs between member companies and associations and other companies. In particular, the Vinh Phuc Business Association was assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to sign and keep close connection and cooperation with some localities and trade promotion agencies of Japan and South Korea. The greatest achievement of these programs is trade exchange and connection that uses each other's products and services to reduce operating costs and support each other for mutual development. Through its investment promotion, local enterprises were able to successfully cooperate with South Korean firms in the province. Along with its business connection, the Vinh Phuc Business Association signed a coordination program on business support with 10 departments and branches. During the implementation process, the association has organized many training classes, training sessions and business surveys to grasp difficulties and problems faced by local enterprises; proposed solutions to them; participated in trade promotion programs, trade fairs and exhibitions to display and introduce products made by enterprises in Vinh Phuc and other provinces; and guided professional employees of enterprises to improve their skills and fulfill obligations of their enterprises to the State and employees.

Another task that Vinh Phuc Business Association effectively performs to improve the investment environment is to survey business satisfaction with public authorities at departmental and district levels (District and Department Competitiveness Index - DDCI) to help enhance the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI). The association regularly consults with enterprises and participates in criticizing legal policies related to business activities and enterprise support to make policies practical in the business context. Along with in-depth professional activities, the agency always accompanies businesses to take part in social security programs like building charity houses, presenting clothes to children, financing study promotion funds, and supporting disadvantaged people to live a better life. This shows its humanity, social responsibility and practical contributions to the community.

Assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to chair the Business Emulation Team outside industrial zones, the Vinh Phuc Business Association has launched various emulation movements for enterprises. Every year, it hosts sports festivals and cultural festivals to create a joyful and healthy playground for close connection for business leaders and their employees and for businesses themselves. The timely commendation motivates enterprises to grow. Many companies are awarded emulation flags and certificates of merit. Many businesspeople are honored as outstanding entrepreneurs on the occasion of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day, on October 13. This recognition promotes building and spreading entrepreneurial culture, corporate culture and the foundation for sustainable business development.

Given its operational excellence, the Vinh Phuc Business Association has become a common roof for the business community, motivating businesses to develop further to make Vinh Phuc an increasingly prosperous, beautiful and civilized province and make Vietnam a strong and prosperous country.

Pham Thi Hong Thuy

Chairwoman of Vinh Phuc Business Association

Source: Vietnam Business Forum