Agricultural Restructuring Toward Increasing Added Value and Sustainable Development

9:47:11 AM | 17/5/2023

With a natural area of more than 650,000 hectares, of which over 379,000 hectares are farmland, a mild climate all year round and fertile soil, Dak Nong province has favorable conditions for agricultural development of long-term industrial crops, fruit trees and crops of high economic value such as coffee, pepper, durian and avocado.

Avocados grown in Dak Nong are among best of its kind of the country

Over the past time, the agricultural structure of Dak Nong province has shifted in the right direction, exceeding its set targets, with a growth rate expected at 5.21% and production value reaching VND90 million per hectare.

The province has actively restructured the agriculture sector toward forming value chains and promoting the application of high technology. Up to now, four areas have been recognized as high-tech agricultural areas, including two pepper production areas in Thuan Ha and Thuan Hanh communes (Dak Song district), one rice production area in Buon Choa commune (Krong No district) and one coffee production area in Thuan An commune (Dak Mil district), with a total area of 2,423 hectares. Besides, there are more than 69,500 hectares that partially apply high technology. Through the plant trial process, the province has identified the development of coffee, pepper, avocado and macadamia as its advantage.

In addition, with the orientation of deep processing of agricultural and forestry products, 193 organizations, individuals and production facilities in the province have been granted the good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificate or equivalent certificate.

Mr. Pham Tuan Anh, Director of the Dak Nong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that the agriculture sector is facing many great challenges such as climate change, fierce competition and limited production space. In that context, Dak Nong province has implemented many synchronous solutions to restructure the agricultural sector towards increasing added value and sustainable development; reorganize value chains; develop large-scale raw material areas; and produce high-quality products and specialty products to improve product value. Besides, the province has focused on developing main crops and industrial crops, such as coffee and pepper; fruit trees such as durian, avocado and lime; and new potential crops including medicinal plants. In particular, the province has prioritized developing cooperative agriculture and applying high technologies along the value chain.

“Currently, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is coordinating with other departments, agencies and localities to soon complete legal bases to attract investment in agriculture and rural areas, and call for research, surveys and projects in the province. It is expected that the province will organize an investment promotion conference in agriculture in June,” said Mr. Pham Tuan Anh.

By Hoang Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum