Krong No district: Committed to Facilitating Investors

8:23:36 AM | 18/5/2023

“Krong No district is committed to accompanying investors, being their reliable, long-term and sustainable partner, and providing the most favorable conditions for them in accordance with the working principle of investment and development cooperation,” Mr. Bui Ngoc Son, Chairman of the District People's Committee, said in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter.

The leader of Krong No district addresses the conference to evaluate the results of the implementation of Project 06

Could you please tell us about some outstanding socioeconomic development results of Krong No district?

Despite facing numerous difficulties and challenges, the district’s socioeconomic performance has kept improving in recent years. With its advantages of area, climate and land, Krong No continues to focus on boosting production outcomes and achieving many positive results. The agricultural value has reached VND10,936 billion so far in 2023 (compared with VND5,255 billion in 2021 and VND5,681 billion in 2022), accounting for 49.13% of the district's economic structure. Its per capita income was estimated at VND56.8 million, an increase of nearly VND10.59 million from the start of this administration term. The agricultural yield was VND76.5 million per hectare in 2019 and increased to VND90 million in 2023.

The district has paid greater attention to attracting investment capital and improving the business environment and easing challenges for individuals, businesses and investors to do business in the locality. To date, the district has 190 companies with a total registered investment capital of VND890 billion. Currently, Krong No has 31 cooperatives with a total registered capital of VND61.129 billion and has 2,093 business households with a total registered capital of VND606.701 billion.

The district has achieved many positive results in new rural development. By the end of 2022, three communes met new rural development standards (namely, Nam Da, Dak Sor and Dak Dro) and Nam Nung commune is being examined and assessed for this recognition. On average, a commune met 16.09 criteria in 2022.

Administrative reform under the single-window mechanism has been increasingly effective to create social consensus and public trust (in 2022, the district's administrative reform ranked eighth in the province). Digital transformation has been drastically implemented (in 2022, it ranked 3rd among eight districts and cities in the province).

Given its achievements in the past time, what are the district’s orientations and goals in the coming time?

Promoting its achievements, in the coming time, the district will continue to adhere to the targets of resolutions of the 8th District Party Congress and the 13th Provincial Party Congress (2020-2025 term). Particularly, Krong No will focus on effectively carrying out five key tasks and four breakthrough stages: Improving construction quality and planning management; implementing development tasks as planned; continuing to invest in building and upgrading a synchronous infrastructure system and paying attention to tourism infrastructure investment; building Dak Mam urban area (key task); and developing processing industry and renewable energy (key task).

The district will synchronously build infrastructure for socioeconomic development together with new rural development; develop Dak Mam urban area toward the fourth-grade urban standards; and tap potential advantages to develop renewable energy (breakthrough mission).

According to its objectives to 2025, the production value will climb to VND14,580 billion; the added value will be 1.5 times higher than that in the previous term, or an average annual growth of 10.5%; and the per capita income will be VND67 million.

Chu Bluk Cave Complex located in Dak Nong Geopark is Southeast Asia’s longest volcanic cave 

Reforming administrative procedures, improving the business environment and rolling out the red carpet to welcome investors are the messages that Dak Nong province has emphasized over the past time. How has Krong No district tried to carry out these?

Krong No is one of the most active localities in Dak Nong province to carry out public administration reform. From 2021 to 2023, its Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) increased dramatically, from the 5th position (in 2021) to the top.

This result has made an important contribution to socioeconomic development in 2022 and continued to keep a positive outlook in 2023 and beyond.

Would you tell us the potential and the message that the district wants to send to businesses and investors?

Krong No district has a lot of potential for development, especially in tourism, because there is a system of volcanic caves recognized as a global geopark, in addition to many natural landscapes like Dray Sap Waterfall, Ho Da Lake, Seven Layer Waterfall and Co Co Waterfall. Moreover, the district has much potential in agriculture and fruit processing. Krong No rice and volcanic avocado are popular products.

Krong No is committed to accompanying investors, being their reliable, long-term and sustainable partner and providing the most favorable conditions for them in accordance with the working principle of “Investment and development cooperation.”

The district always provides an open business investment environment, creates favorable business conditions, and ensures equal, public and transparent access to credit and land for businesses. Krong No will support companies to innovate and apply information technology to production and business activities, build and register product brands, enhance product competitiveness; and raise vocational training quality to meet the demand of local employers. At the same time, it will publicize land use plans (general and detailed); continue to speed up public administration reform in order to facilitate investors and companies to explore investment opportunities in the locality.

Thank you very much!

By Quoc HungVietnam Business Forum