Resolute to Advance Digital Transformation

10:46:40 AM | 7/6/2023

Defining digital transformation as the core factor for developing the digital government, the digital economy and the digital society, Bac Ninh has chosen "green growth" and "digital transformation" as its pervasive and inclusive development strategy. In particular, digital transformation is one of the breakthrough solutions helping Bac Ninh develop quickly and sustainably in the period of 2021-2030 and the following years.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Tuyet, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Bac Ninh province

Outstanding results

Over the past time, the province has achieved some positive results in the digital transformation. It has invested heavily in telecommunications infrastructure, information technology and provincial data centers with the province-wide 4G network coverage and 100% of villages and neighborhoods with optical cable.

The province has maintained an electronic one-stop information system integrated with online public services of the province shared by all departments and agencies, all 8 district people's committees and all 126 communes, wards and towns. The document management and administration system is deployed centrally and shared by all three levels of government and the Party and mass organizations which has promoted high efficiency in the management and administration of agencies, units and localities.

In February 2023, the rate of processing work documents and digital signatures of electronic documents of agencies, units and localities in the province hit the assigned target: The average rate at the provincial level achieved 95.13% (up 1.02%), district level reached 95.90% (up 1.51%), and commune level reached 97.78% (up 0.77%).

In addition, Bac Ninh has used the Local Government Service Platform (LGSP) since 2019 and connected and integrated the province's information system with the ministerial-level information system and facilities through an integrated national data-sharing platform that complies with the E-Government Architecture Framework. So far, it is connected to Public Postal Service – VNPost; the code systems for those with state budget relations; social insurance database; the national population database; the business registration database; the shared directory; the nationwide online DVC payment support system (PayGOV); legal documents, and electronic civil status.

In particular, Bac Ninh is one of the first five provinces that the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Information and Communications has piloted to successfully connect the national population database (now officially connected and put into use); integrate, connect and provide payment methods for financial obligations with administrative procedures for land at registration offices.

In addition, the province has also expanded the application of "Submitting Complaints and Recommendations" into an integrated channel of interaction between people and state agencies. In February 2023, the total number of received complaints was 241; the number of processed complaints was 196, and the processing rate reached 81.31% (up 30.77% compared to the previous month).

Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Tuyet, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Bac Ninh province, said: The application of IT and digital transformation has gradually created breakthroughs in administrative reform, improved business environment and enhanced competitiveness. In 2022, the Bac Ninh Provincial Digital Transformation Index (DTI) ranks 4th out of 63 provinces/cities. The Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) ranks 4th; the Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS) ranks 7th out of 63; The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) ranked 7th out of 63 provinces and cities.

The province pays special attention to improving PAR index, DDCI and ICT index

Striving to be a leader in digital transformation

Resolution on Bac Ninh digital transformation to 2025, orientation to 2030 aims at implementing synchronous and comprehensive digital transformation in the province; forming and developing a safe and convenient digital environment, contributing to renewing leadership, direction and administration methods at Party agencies, socio-political organizations, state agencies, enterprises and community activities of people. The goal is to make Bac Ninh one of the provinces/cities in the leading group of digital transformation in the country.

Specifically, by 2025, 80% of online public services at level 4 will be provided on various means of access, including mobile devices; 90% of work records at the provincial level, 80% of the work records at the district level and 80% of the work records at the commune level are processed in the Internet (except for work records that are classified as state secrets); 100% of the periodical reporting and statistical reports on socio-economics are implemented through the provincial reporting systems.

Developing the digital economy by 2025 will account for over 20% of GRDP; the proportion of the digital economy in each industry or field shall reach at least 10%; and annual labor productivity will increase by at least 10%.

Regarding the development of a digital society, narrowing the digital gap, by 2025, fiber optic broadband network infrastructure will cover 100% of commune-level administrative units and 90% of households. Along with that, the province will universalize 4G/5G mobile network services and smartphones; bringing the percentage of the population with electronic payment accounts to over 50%. Bac Ninh will lead the country in the network information security index.

Staff of the Center for Information and Communication Technology support officials of departments and branches to use the new information system to handle administrative procedures 

In order to achieve the above goals, in the coming time, the province will continue to strengthen the leadership and direction of the Party committees and authorities at all levels to renew thinking, which emphasizes the responsibility and role of the leadership in the implementation of the digital transformation. The province will raise awareness about digital transformation through various forms (conferences, seminars, on press agencies, media, social networks,...). The province will elaborate, review, amend and supplement legal documents, and executive directive documents to create favorable conditions; strengthen the coordination between agencies, units and localities in the implementation of digital transformation.

In addition, Bac Ninh will develop digital infrastructure, digital platforms, and digital data to promote digital government, digital economy and digital society. The province will also invest, upgrade IT infrastructure or hire IT infrastructure services and equipment for digital transformation. At the same time, it will ensure safety and network security as the key to successful and sustainable digital transformation.

Along with that, Bac Ninh will focus on human resource development, improving the quality of the staff in charge of IT and digital transformation at agencies, units and localities, strengthening cooperation with units in consulting and implementing digital transformation and training digital transformation personnel.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum