Focusing on Infrastructure Development to Transform Gia Lam into Urban District

2:43:21 PM | 26/3/2024

To fulfil the project on forming Gia Lam urban district as approved by the Hanoi People's Council, Gia Lam district has been focusing on mobilizing investment resources to upgrade and complete infrastructure, especially transportation infrastructure and urban upgrading.

Gia Lam has focused on developing transport infrastructure and urban upgrading in recent years, paving the way for it to become an urban district. (In the photo: Ly Thanh Tong Road, Gia Lam district)

Mr. Nguyen Van Han, Deputy Director of Gia Lam Construction Investment Project Management Board, said: In 2023, the board was assigned to carry out 335 projects with VND1,404 billion of investment capital.

Among these projects, 41 involved traffic construction and urban upgrading (including 30 projects rolled over from previous years and 11 new projects). In particular, the board built and improved roads in the district, communes and towns to upgrade the transportation infrastructure system and facilitate the transformation into an urban business district. By 2025, the board will strive to complete seven framework traffic routes transited from the 2016 - 2020 period and will complete remaining framework infrastructure projects in 2026 - 2030.

In addition, the board focused on implementing projects funded by the National Target Program on New Rural Development. Specially, it accelerated the construction of schools so as to launch new advanced, exemplary rural communes.

In 2023, due to many difficulties, the board adopted various solutions to improve project management and speed up capital disbursement. With its active solutions, the board managed to achieve its working targets and tasks. As of December 31, 2023, it had disbursed VND1,019 billion.

Specifically, the board assessed difficulties relating to site clearance; advised the District People's Committee to direct and urge relevant agencies and units to address existing issues within their responsibility; regularly directed its employees to closely follow actual developments in project sites, held weekly briefings to grasp existing matters, anticipate and inform directions and conclusions of the district government; and completed related procedures and immediately disbursed funds to contractors in the event that they prepared sufficient personnel and material resources for construction. At the same time, the agency recorded, synthesized and reported regular issues to competent agencies and proposed solutions for consideration at regular meetings held by the District People's Committee and the City People's Committees.

In addition, the board's leaders regularly grasped and encouraged contractors to overcome difficulties, concentrate human and material resources to speed up construction progress at ready locations and accelerate land compensation, site clearance and resettlement support to hand over construction sites for projects. The board focused on coordinating with relevant agencies and localities to strengthen communications, advocacy, persuasion and publicization of policies and project benefits to make people understand, agree and respect land recovery and site clearance according to regulations.

“The board will continue to improve the management of investment projects and especially accelerate the construction progress of projects. It will particularly intensify inspection and supervision to achieve progress and effectiveness as planned and disburse as much capital as possible," said Deputy Director Nguyen Van Han.

By Huong Giang, Vietnam Business Forum