Lang Son Tourism & Import-export Joint Stock Co. Putting Service Quality on Top

1:37:51 PM | 12/7/2006

Lang Son Tourism & Import-export Joint Stock Companyis engaged in hotel, restaurant, travel, passenger transportation, service, export of farm, forest and aquatic products and others. With dynamic development directions, the company has grown into an exemplary unit in forming a spring to push up the Lang Son economy.
Mr Nhu The Cu, Deputy Director of the Company, said: After nearly 16 years, the company has invested in and restored various projects like the Bac Son Hotel, restored and built restaurants for Hoa Sim Hotel, built delivery houses, warehouses and production areas for Mau Son Wine. In 2005, the company continued investing in equipment for Mau Son wine production workshops to meet the market tastes. The training of human resources is also of the company’s concerns. Annually, the firm organises training courses and sends its cadres to follow higher education classes on economic management, tourism, bartender and other aspects. 
In the travel, hotel and restaurant business, the company stated that maintaining a good relationship with clients requires each staff to have a devoted and impressive serving attitudes. The infrastructure system must ensure comfort and convenience.
In addition to traditional business spheres, the company is now the unique unit in the province with permission to use Mau Son Wine trademark. The quality of Mau Son wine was awarded the Vietnam Golden Star Title in 2003. The firm is cooperating with a Taiwanese partners to build an international golf course at an estimated investment capital of US$38 million. The 18-hole course covering 188 ha comprises of a five-star hotel, villas, entertainment centres, commercial zones and cultural masterpiece showrooms.
Apart from the business front, the company also actively takes care of the living standards of its labourers. Consequently, the labourers feel secure as working for the company and will devote their efforts to do their jobs. This in turn helps the company stand firmly on the fierce competition market. The Lang Son Tourism & Import-export Joint Stock Company has been granted diplomas of merits from the Ministry of Trade, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee.
Nguyen Mai