Update on Quang Nam Leather & Footwear Co.

12:01:55 PM | 21/9/2006

In spite of encountering numerous difficulties and challenges, the newly established Quang Nam Leather & Footwear Company outlined the development plan with the much importance to customer care, worker training, job creation, labour safety, industrial sanitation and social activity participation.
With the State investment of VND10 billion (US$625,000), the Sports Shoe Factory brought in nearly VND50 billion (US$3.13 million) industrial value after two years of operation and employed nearly 800 workers, over 90 per cent of whom were locals. In 2003, the company’s sports shoes won the Gold Medal at the Hanoi International Trade Fair.
To maintain the effective development and meet business reform requirements, the company put forward policies and solutions of investment cooperation with foreign investors in its initial years. The investment is focused on human resources, technologies, new equipment, management methods and market expansion. The company also quickly supplemented its long-termed investment and development plan.
At present, the company continues cooperating with Tair Yu Group of Taiwan, a giant in Asia, to manufacture footwear. At the same time, it will seek new long-term markets to expand production and train new staff.
With the wholehearted devotion and unity of all staff, the Quang Nam Leather & Footwear Company is adding more efforts to keep growing.
Hong Hanh