Tourist sites in Hau Giang Province

3:51:51 PM | 2/3/2007

Hau Giang province is part and parcel of the Mekong Delta with famous tourist sites. Tourists are most welcomed to the province.
War-time headquarters of six hectaresin Phuong Quoi hamlet, Phuong Binh commune, Phung Hiep district is surrounded by canals such as Lai Hieu, Ca Duong, Cu and Ba Bai. The relics, including a conference room and shelters of war-time leaders, have become an attraction for tourists as well as a pilgrimage site for war veterans.
Long My relic with cajeput forests 200 years old discovered in 1920, the are also has developed large rice fields and orchards. During the war, Long My was the headquarters of the resistance force. In Long My, tourists will visit Ho Chi Minh Temple built in 1969 on an area of one hectare and being expanded, and the former battle field in Vinh Vien commune. Long M7y is also famous for dozens of stork flocks and 30 bird species.
Tan Binh biosphere in Phung Hiep district covers 20 hectares and will be expanded to 100 hectares. The attraction will be built with islands for monkeys, deer, elephants, rare birds and orchards of special tropical fruits.
Phung Hiep floating market or Nga Bay market is the biggest floating market in the Mekong Delta. It is at the meeting point of seven rivers: Cai Bon, Bun Tau, Mang Ca, Soc Trang, Lai Hieu, Xeo Mon and Xeo Dong. The floating market is famous for the enormous number of boats and trading fashion. Tourists can also visit the boat-building village producing the “Can Tho boat” most common in the region.
 Lung Ngoc Hoang natural reserves, a submerged area in Phuong Binh commune, Phung Hiep district, is attractive with water plants and animals (fish, turtles, snakes, birds etc). Over 2,800 hectares have been reserved by decision of the Prime Minister, together with surrounding area of 9,000 hectares. Tourist products are handicrafts made with local materials, forest honey and traditional music and war time relics.
Tam Vu biosphere      in Tan Phu Thanh commune, Chau Thanh An district with an area of 90 hectares is ready for investment. It will be developed with rare species of mammals, special tropical fruits, and traditional culture of the Southern provinces.
Vi Thuy bird sanctuary in Vi Thuy district will be developed with 200 hectares of cajeput forests. Tourists can witness dozens of flocks of various kinds of storks and rare birds of the Mekong Delta.
Hong Le