Korean Firm Plans Golf Resort in Hung Yen

3:02:51 PM | 22/3/2007

The People’s Committee of northern Hung Yen province has licensed South Korea’s Bridge Inter-Line Leisure Co. Ltd. to build a US$70-million golf resort on an area of over 180 hectares in Van Giang district.
Provincial party secretary Nguyen Dinh Phach says the Korean firm will be supported in any way possible to get construction started and completed.
Bridge Inter-Lines is also planning to build housing for foreigners who live and work in Van Giang and nearby Hanoi, according to a company representative.
Hung Yen is a delta province in the North, having favorable road, waterway and railway systems for social, cultural and economic exchange and development.
The province is also the home of beautiful landscapes, and the special Red River delta region cultural treasure of traditional operetta songs, traditional singing (hat a dao), and alternate songs with drum accompaniments (hat trong quan), associated with many famous cultural and historic relics.
According to statistics, Hung Yen has more than 900 cultural and historic relics, of which 132 relics are nationally classified with thousands of valuable materials and objects. Particularly, the relics of Pho Hien, Ham Tu and Bai Say are valuable cultural resources for tourism development. (Investment, Vietnam Panorama)