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New importer and global distribution opportunity for new exclusive product for cleaning the house,wait for your order
(minimum order 3000 pcs ) all legal right protected,this plastic tube item size 700 length*29*26 (thickness) millimeter,
Connects to the pipe of the vacuum cleaner.
Name:"Tool (additive)for Dust cleaning under furniture at home"
Direct supply from China manufacturer without brokerage,
Material: Hard PVC
MOQ: 3000 pcs
Price: USD2.30/pc EXW
Packing: 100pcs/carton
Offer Validity: till August 31, 2018
Payment by : L/C T/T

(more info at: )
Copyright © 2018 Tool (additive) for Dust cleaning under furniture at home ·
All Rights Reserved (Case # 1-6702733061 )

Company Weifang Chengyi Tape Co.,Ltd.
Contact person Ferenc
Address: P.O.Box 8356
Business phone
Country ISR

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