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  • 3/24/2020 - US-based construction supply wholesale distributor looking to outsource all manufacturing out of China and into Vietnam. We deal with a variety of products including but not limited to: light fixtures ... more From: Builderz Warehouse
  • 3/19/2020 - looking for chicken paw to export to china ... more From: Nownex Online Enterprice
  • 3/16/2020 - Hello We are looking for a manufacturer of metal drinkware in Vietnam. We are a promotional product distributor in NZ. Thanks ... more From: Active Print and Promotion
  • 3/9/2020 - USG Boral is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of plasterboard related products. Our mission is to deliver innovation that helps you work smarter, do more and build better. That’s why, thr ... more From: USG Boral
  • 3/6/2020 - We are a vegan, natural skincare company known for being first to market with customization and innovative products, all proudly manufactured in Canada. We are seeking partners/ distributors to import ... more From: Subtle Green
  • 3/4/2020 - CDPL provides services/solutions in the following domains: I. Embedded Design & Development Areas of work: Integration of Hardware with the software GUI Development Microcontroller hard ... more From: Corporate Designz Pvt Ltd
  • 2/25/2020 - We’re looking OPC clinker for our customer at 50K mts +/- 10% shipped in early March. If you can provide, please send your quotation with loading port, rate and terms to Tks! ... more From: G-won Green Supply Co., Ltd
  • 2/25/2020 - Founded in 2018, Nanufood is one of first enterprises on manufacturing & trading Dried Foods in Viet Nam: * Vacuum dried fruits: jackfruit, banana, taro chips, yellow sweet potato, purple sweet pota ... more From: Nanufood Joint Stock Company
  • 2/23/2020 - We are looking for partners who are interested in importing following Himalayan Rock Salt products: 1. Himalayan Salt Lamps of Assorted Shapes. 2. Himalayan Salt Candle Holders. 3. Himalayan Salt U ... more From: META Trading
  • 2/19/2020 - Large exporter of South African pork meat. Different cuts, prefer six way frozen ... more From: Rica Meats

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