FDI Attraction: Positive Signals for 2021

Despite complicated COVID-19 pandemic developments, many large-scale FDI projects arrived in Vietnam in early 2021. Vietnam is increasingly becoming a bright candidate for transition of the value chain in Asia and a really bright actor of the regional economy.

Forthcoming Events

Hung Yen Investment Attraction: Strong Growth in Both Quantity and Quality

11:26:28 AM | 3/3/2021

During the term 2015-2020 and especially in 2020, despite many difficulties and challenges due to the impact of the Covid-19, Hung Yen's investment attraction still grew strongly in both quantity and quality with many big projects promoting socio-economic development of the province.

Hung Yen Industrial Zones Authority: In Close Partnership with Businesses

10:21:05 AM | 1/3/2021

Hung Yen province-based industrial zones are being expanded and chosen by companies. With the spirit of opening cooperation, Hung Yen Industrial Zones Authority always accompanies and supports investors to carry out and operate their projects, said Mr. Pham Truong Tam, Director of Hung Yen Industrial Zones Authority, in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter.

Foreign Investment Inflows Reach Over US$5 Billion in First Two Months

10:46:16 AM | 25/2/2021

Viet Nam has attracted US$5.46 billion in foreign direct investment in the first two months this year, equal to 84.4% of the same period last year, according to the Foreign Investment Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment. 

Tapping Potential and Advantages to Attract Investment

9:24:32 AM | 18/2/2021

Phu Yen province has continuously reaped "sweet fruits" of investment attraction, becoming a potential new destination for domestic and foreign investors in recent years. In an interview given to our reporters, Mr. Vo Dinh Tien, Director of the Planning and Investment Department, Phu Yen province, affirmed that this achievement came from the determination of the entire Phu Yen political system to implement consistent investment promotion solutions, improve the business investment environment, and unlock all potential strengths to create a driving force for stronger economic development in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Optimistic Expectations for FDI Inflows

9:16:48 AM | 5/2/2021

In 2021, Vietnam is assessed to have many opportunities to attract FDI flows redirected from other economies because many investors already planned investment expansions and fresh investments. To catch this wave of investment flows, Vietnam needs appropriate solutions specific to the new context.

Why Has Minh Hung Sikico IP Attracted So Many Big Investors?

10:01:04 AM | 1/2/2021

Vietnam is seeing a new wave of industrial real estate, strongest in 25 years. In this trend, the "hot" topic in the current real estate market is "What do industrial real estate developers need to have to entice large investors?”

Intel Corporation Pours Additional US$475 Million into Vietnam

9:48:01 AM | 28/1/2021

The US-based Intel Corporation received a certificate to invest additional US$475 million in Intel Products Vietnam, an assembly and test manufacturing (ATM) unit in Ho Chi Minh City, also Intel’s largest ATM plant in the world

Nearly US$4 Bln Channeled into Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park

9:45:58 AM | 28/1/2021

The Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park in Ha Noi has attracted 93 investment projects with registered capital of more than VND 90.25 trillion (US$3.9 billion).

Hai Phong Targets US$2.5-3 Billion of FDI in 2021

10:17:24 AM | 22/1/2021

The northern port city of Hai Phong has set a target of attracting US$2.5-3 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2021, with priority given to industrial and service projects using modern and highly efficient technologies.

Creating Best Legal Environment and Infrastructure to Serve Businesses

10:10:17 AM | 20/1/2021

Vinh Phuc province is continuing its efforts to improve the investment and business environment, and prepare conditions for infrastructure, premises and human resources to enhance investment promotion and attraction in the coming time. Mr. Nguyen Van Do, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment of Vinh Phuc province, had an interview with Vietnam Business Forum reporters about this issue. Ngo Khuyen reports.