Cultivating Cultural Strength

9:36:07 AM | 1/12/2023 | NINH BINH

Ninh Binh province, endowed with distinctive characteristics and strengths, is unwavering in its dedication to preserving and promoting traditional values while embarking on the journey to construct new rural areas, ultimately aspiring to become a heritage capital.

Thung Nham at 20 Years Old: Tropical Symphony

8:04:13 AM | 17/7/2023 | NINH BINH

In 20 years of transforming Thung Nham Valley from a dense, wild and swampy place into an ideal ecological and spiritual tourist destination, entrepreneur Pham Cong Chat, Director of Doanh Sinh Trading and Tourism Service Joint Stock Company, has created sustainable eco-tourism products from distinctive agriculture of Ninh Binh province.

Ninh Binh: Strong and Resilient on the New Path

9:40:51 AM | 16/7/2023 | NINH BINH

From a poor province established over 30 years ago, Ninh Binh has risen to achieve outstanding economic development and investment attraction, balance its budget in 2022, and have many highly ranked development indicators.

Sustainably Preserving and Promoting Cultural Heritage Values

9:09:34 AM | 16/7/2023 | NINH BINH

Endowed with many distinctive natural landscapes and many unique intangible cultural heritages, Ninh Binh also possesses many valuable tangible cultural heritages.

Attractive Destination for Investors

10:56:13 AM | 14/7/2023 | NINH BINH

With its right investment attraction approaches and willingness to share and side with businesses, Ninh Binh province has invited many strategic investors to do business in the province to create breakthroughs in economic growth and budget revenue increase.

Ninh Binh Industry Breakthrough Expectations

10:54:21 AM | 14/7/2023 | NINH BINH

Industrial production of Ninh Binh province has made positive progress in recent years. The province’s current priority to areas with competitive advantages and strategic significance for rapid and sustainable growth (such as automobile manufacturing and assembling, electronics, agricultural and food processing, apparel and leather footwear) is expected to make breakthrough development for the industrial sector.

Administrative Reform Is Key Task

10:53:44 AM | 14/7/2023 | NINH BINH

Ninh Binh province defines administrative reform as the most important solution to build a service-oriented government and create an open and favorable business environment for people and businesses, helping raise the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in particular and attract investment capital for socioeconomic development in general.

Sustainable Urban Development of Ninh Binh

10:49:29 AM | 14/7/2023 | NINH BINH

Placing people and life quality at the center, Ninh Binh province has focused on fostering sustainable urbanization in recent years. The province has strived to develop Ninh Binh urban areas into a service and eco-cultural tourism center of the Red River Delta and promote Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex.

Tourism Made Key Economic Sector

10:47:45 AM | 14/7/2023 | NINH BINH

Tourism development, coupled with environmental protection and sustainable development, is defined as one of the important strategic orientations of Ninh Binh province. By 2025, the province will strive to welcome 8 million tourists and rake in total revenue of at least VND8,000 billion to make tourism a key economic sector.

Creating “Soft Advantages“ to Entice More Investment Flows

9:56:49 AM | 13/7/2023 | NINH BINH

Improving the investment and business environment and promptly solving problems faced by companies are among efforts by the Ninh Binh Industrial Zones Authority aimed to create "soft advantages", enhance competitiveness and woo more investors