Hoa Lu Ancient Town: A New Destination in Ninh Binh Province

4:23:16 PM | 16/2/2022 | NINH BINH

Hoa Lu ancient town is now restored in Ky Lan lake area, Tan Thanh ward, Ninh Binh city, Ninh Binh province. Hoa Lu ancient town recreates the culture and history of Dai Viet since the 10th century.

Ninh Binh Province Delivers All Level-4 Public Services Online

9:21:51 AM | 6/10/2021 | NINH BINH

This result makes Ninh Binh one of the leading localities to complete the goal of providing online Level 4 public services before the deadline defined by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Leveraging Strengths, Maintaining Positive Growth Momentum

9:09:26 AM | 3/9/2021 | NINH BINH

Ninh Binh has an important strategic position - an economic and cultural exchange hub for the Red River and Ma River basins. Lying on main traffic routes like overland, railway and waterway arteries, the province has abundant potential and advantages for industrial and commercial development. Unlocking its strengths, the industry and trade sector of Ninh Binh province has achieved strong progress.

Construction Sector Actively Enhancing Investment and Business Environment

9:08:12 AM | 3/9/2021 | NINH BINH

To lure investors, Ninh Binh construction industry has more strongly improved the business and investment environment and complete infrastructure to create a foundation and driving force for economic development.

Science and Technology - Driving Force for Socio-economic Development

9:06:41 AM | 3/9/2021 | NINH BINH

Ninh Binh Department of Science and Technology has actively reformed and creatively carried out consistent scientific and technological research and application solutions in all industries and fields of economy and life, thus affirming the role and position of science and technology in local socioeconomic development.

Building Ninh Binh into Relatively Developed Province in Red River Delta

9:18:23 AM | 1/9/2021 | NINH BINH

Ninh Binh province has steadfastly carried out the “dual goal” of preventing the epidemic and developing the economy to achieve the highest goals and tasks set for 2021 with the steely determination of the entire political system, and sped up the formulation of the Ninh Binh Plan for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050, which will be submitted to the Prime Minister for approval in June 2022...

Removing Barriers against Businesses in Land Access

9:17:06 AM | 1/9/2021 | NINH BINH

In 2021, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ninh Binh province has striven to lift the Land Access Index to the Top 20 in the country.

Improving Public Employee Quality

9:15:35 AM | 1/9/2021 | NINH BINH

Ninh Binh province has made positive progress in building a contingent of public employees to meet development requirements in the new situation. The Ninh Binh Department of Home Affairs has importantly contributed to this achievement.

Focusing on Training High-quality Human Resources

9:13:12 AM | 1/9/2021 | NINH BINH

In a bid to increase the Labor Training Index to improve the overall investment environment, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Ninh Binh province has been actively working hard to apply effective solutions to technical and vocational education and training (TVET), focusing on training high-quality human resources.

Entrepreneur Le Thi Bich Spreading Good Values to Community

9:11:35 AM | 1/9/2021 | NINH BINH

Devotion, dynamism, creativity, spirit of a Ho Chi Minh-era entrepreneur, and spreading good values to the community are the prominent qualities of Ms. Le Thi Bich, Director of Viet Thang Development Investment Co., Ltd.