Yen Bai Industrial Parks: Door Open for Investors

10:45:09 AM | 19/8/2019 | YEN BAI

Traffic infrastructure system development, available raw materials, abundant human resources and many preferential mechanisms and policies have made Yen Bai province-based industrial parks more attractive to investors.

Speeding up IT Application for Sustainability and Integration

10:34:43 AM | 19/8/2019 | YEN BAI

Yen Bai province climbed one place in the 2018 information technology application rankings that measured ministries, ministry-level agencies, governmental agencies and centrally run provinces and cities, released by the Ministry of Information and Communications. This outcome recognized the efforts of Yen Bai province in carrying out solutions to information technology application in State agencies.

Boosting Administrative Reform to Facilitate Business Performance

10:32:54 AM | 19/8/2019 | YEN BAI

In the past years, Yen Bai province has obtained many achievements in development investment, thus contributing significantly to local socioeconomic growth in 2016-2020. These results are attributed to the finance sector timely advising on many solutions to attract, mobilize and effectively use investment capital, especially administrative reform.

Intensive Business Support

1:02:21 PM | 16/8/2019 | YEN BAI

This opinion is shared by Chairman of the Yen Bai Business Association, Mr. Tran Cong Binh about operational directions of the business association towards becoming a real common roof to promote local business development.

Toward Electronic State Treasury in 2020

12:58:43 PM | 16/8/2019 | YEN BAI

The State Treasury of Yen Bai province has performed well its functions and tasks of central and local financial resources management. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Ms. Tong Thuy Ha, Director of Yen Bai State Treasury, on achievements of local budget collection and expenditure. Nguyen Bach reports.

Agricultural Restructuring: Driving Platform for Socioeconomic Development

12:55:41 PM | 16/8/2019 | YEN BAI

In 2018, the value of agricultural, forest and aquatic products of Yen Bai grew 4.2% year on year to VND3,912 billion, ranking 7th among 14 northern mountainous provinces. The province has managed to form large-scale agricultural areas and link production with processing and consumption markets, thus achieving some impressive outcomes in the Agriculture Restructuring Scheme.

Science and Technology: Driving Force of Development

12:52:54 PM | 16/8/2019 | YEN BAI

In the past years, Yen Bai province has constantly renovated and promoted scientific and technological activities, applying them to production to raise the value, efficiency, competitiveness of commodities and products, and gradually making this sector one of the most important forces for socioeconomic development.

YFATUF Company: Persistent Goals - Harmonized Benefits

12:49:12 PM | 16/8/2019 | YEN BAI

After 47 years of development (1972), especially after 15 years of equitization (2004), Yen Bai Joint Stock Forest Agricultural Products and Foodstuff Company (YFATUF) has become a leading enterprise. This achievement is attributed to its ongoing innovation efforts, market search and corporate governance and its persistency in strategy, objectives and harmonized interests.

Tapping Yen Bai Tourism Potential and Strengths

11:27:45 AM | 16/8/2019 | YEN BAI

Yen Bai province has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. The number of tourist arrivals in the province increases each year. In 2018, the province welcomed 560,000 tourists, including 25,758 international visitors, earning revenue of VND333 billion.

Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd: Quality Is Above All

12:52:08 PM | 15/8/2019 | YEN BAI

Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd with its outstanding experience and capacity has become a leading professional constructor of transport, irrigation, technical infrastructure and civil engineering works in Yen Bai province.

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