Yen Bai: Great Endeavor to Become Relatively Developed Province by 2025

9:36:37 AM | 8/4/2021 | YEN BAI

Yen Bai has already achieved the so-called “dual goal” of effectively controlling the Covid-19 pandemic and boosting socio-economic development.

Yen Bai Industrial Zones Authority Making Best Preparation for New Investment Flow

9:35:20 AM | 8/4/2021 | YEN BAI

To make breakthroughs in investment attraction into industrial zones, Yen Bai Industrial Zones Authority has adopted many solutions to improve the business investment environment and provide the most convenient conditions for businesses.

Thac Ba Hydropower JSC: 50 Years of Sustainable Growth

11:01:36 AM | 7/4/2021 | YEN BAI

During half a century of development, Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock Company has made great efforts to complete its business tasks, ensure labor safety and social security, especially its responsibility to protect the environment, and effectively and sustainably use natural resources.

Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd - Leading Brand Name in Construction

11:00:27 AM | 7/4/2021 | YEN BAI

Yen Bai Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd has made steady strides to become a leading consultant of civil, industrial, technical, transport and irrigation construction investment, thus effectively helping local socio-economic development.

Stepping up Administrative Reform to Sharpen Competitiveness

10:58:51 AM | 7/4/2021 | YEN BAI

Yen Bai province has always defined administrative reform as the most important solution for a service-styled government and an open and enabling business environment. Therefore, over the past years, thanks to administrative reform, the province has significantly raised the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

Nearly 43% Increase in Budget Revenue

10:57:35 AM | 7/4/2021 | YEN BAI

In 2020, in the extreme difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which heavily affected economic growth and budget revenues, Yen Bai Department of Finance proactively and effectively accomplished the “dual tasks" of preventing the pandemic and developing socio-economic activities, contributing to excellently fulfilling the task of the state budget collection in 2020 and the five-year period 2016-2020.

Driving Force for Socio-Economic Development

10:56:14 AM | 7/4/2021 | YEN BAI

In the 2016-2020 term, Yen Bai province synchronously deployed many investment promotion solutions; improved production and business capacity and supported enterprises to effectively contribute to the improvement of its investment environment and socio-economic development.

Many Solutions for Human Resource Development

10:43:41 AM | 6/4/2021 | YEN BAI

In recent years, the provincial department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has implemented many solutions to develop human resources such as arranging, organizing and improving the efficiency of vocational training institutions; focusing on supporting enterprises in recruiting, training employees; promoting the propagation of policies on labor and employment; and strengthening administrative procedure reform.

Accelerating IT Application as Foundation for E-Government Development

10:42:22 AM | 6/4/2021 | YEN BAI

Yen Bai province has greatly enhanced the performance of the information and communication sector, making great contributions to overall socio-economic development.

Enhancing Legal Support for SMEs

10:40:50 AM | 6/4/2021 | YEN BAI

In response to the Government’s Decree 55 on legal support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Department of Justice of Yen Bai province has advised the Provincial People's Committee to facilitate SMEs to get accurate, prompt and complete access to legal information and provided legal advice for local enterprises.