Quang Ninh Goes Green for Sustainable Development

8:54:08 AM | 2/4/2024 | QUANG NINH

Quang Ninh is at the forefront of fostering sustainable tourism in Vietnam, implementing green transformation strategies to protect Ha Long Bay and enhance service quality. The province is shaping its green tourism, with initiatives ranging from the reduction of plastic waste to the advancement of ecotourism.

Quang Ninh - Success Story in Improving Business Environment and Provincial Competitiveness

8:22:32 AM | 8/5/2023 | QUANG NINH

The VCCI-Quang Ninh province cooperation has been reinforced and very productive in recent years. VCCI has always supported the province in improving the business investment environment, developing businesses and enhancing competitiveness. Quang Ninh has repeatedly secured the top place in the VCCI’s Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

Quang Ninh Welcome New Auto Support Industrial Project

2:56:13 PM | 13/2/2023 | QUANG NINH

The investor will build a factory on a land of 35.27 hectares in Bac Tien Phong Industrial Park (DEEP C Quang Ninh II) developed by DEEP C Industrial Park Complex in Quang Yen Coastal Economic Zone.

Quang Ninh Customs Handles Procedures for Over 400 Businesses in October

10:49:27 AM | 16/11/2022 | QUANG NINH

October import and export value reached US$1.025 billion (including US$315 million of exports and US$710 million of imports), up 4% from the previous month.

Quang Ninh – An Emerging Manufacturing Hub of the North

2:00:02 PM | 24/8/2022 | QUANG NINH

Quang Ninh is currently the province that possesses the longest highway system among others, all of which is built by the province. This expressway system closely links the northern growth poles together: Hanoi – Haiphong – Quang Ninh, and further connects Northern Vietnam to Southern China.

Co To Island: Maritime Tourism Potential

8:40:47 AM | 11/6/2022 | QUANG NINH

The island district of Co To is an archipelago, east of Quang Ninh province, comprising nearly 50 islands with the three largest being Co To, Thanh Lan and Tran. This is a large fishing ground where there are many rare and precious marine species - a great advantage for Co To to develop the marine economy. Besides, there are many famous landmarks and beautiful beaches which are very attractive to domestic and foreign tourists.

Quang Ninh Ready for Re-serving Int’l Tourists

9:53:40 AM | 24/12/2021 | QUANG NINH

The northern province of Quang Ninh, home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, is expected to receive a group of visitors from the RoK, the first international tourists with vaccine passports, on January 7, 2022 under a pilot tourism plan. 

Vietnam’s Provinces and Cities Exert Efforts to Revive Economic Growth

9:30:06 AM | 18/11/2021 | QUANG NINH

The government’s resolution on flexible and safe adaptation to COVID-19 has helped provinces and cities in fighting the pandemic in a flexible manner while taking proactive measures to revive and promote economic growth

Quang Ninh Successfully Fulfills Socio-economic and Anti-Pandemic Goals

11:42:46 AM | 4/2/2021 | QUANG NINH

In recent years, Quang Ninh province has focused on many effective solutions to respond to the challenges and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and completed the "dual goal" of fighting the pandemic and maintaining economic and social growth in 2020.

OCOP Program: From Quang Ninh’s Perspective

1:08:30 PM | 9/10/2019 | QUANG NINH

Vietnam's agriculture has been developing quite comprehensively, towards large-scale production with increasing productivity and quality. The “One Commune One Product” (OCOP) program has created the highest system for rating typical products of each region across the country, instead of pursuing a series of sporadic quality criteria like now.