Impressive Socioeconomic Development in Mountainous Areas

8:02:13 AM | 26/12/2022 | SON LA

The budget of Program 135 for Yen Chau district from 2020 to date has reached VND12.7 billion, which is spent on building and maintaining traffic, electricity and school systems for local people.

Improving Human Resource Quality in Ethnic and Mountainous Areas

7:59:19 AM | 26/12/2022 | SON LA

As a result, in the 2016-2020 period, over 42,100 rural workers in Son La province received vocational training, including nearly 2,420 commune officials and civil servants being trained with professional qualifications and skills.

Many Component Projects Launched in Ethnic Minority Areas

7:55:54 AM | 26/12/2022 | SON LA

The budget for 10 component projects is VND1,204.22 billion in 2022, including VND919.42 billion from the central budget, VND49.17 billion from the local budget, VND219.3 billion from loans and VND16.33 billion from other sources.

Increasing Investment Flows into Industrial Parks

4:23:03 PM | 7/12/2022 | SON LA

The increase of investment flows into industrial zones in Son La province has helped boost modernized industrial development and created a driving force for local economic and social development.

Removing Bottlenecks in Improving Business Environment

4:18:13 PM | 7/12/2022 | SON LA

Son La province is carrying out many solutions to clear bottlenecks in administrative reform, competitiveness improvement and business environment so as to enhance its appeal to investors and adopt new growth models driven by economic quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

4-star stay at Glenda Tower Moc Chau Hotel

3:09:19 PM | 7/12/2022 | SON LA

Located in the heart of Moc Chau town (Son La province), Glenda Tower Moc Chau is a top 4-star hotel in the foggy land.

Unlocking Scientific and Technological Resources

3:28:35 PM | 6/12/2022 | SON LA

By applying consistent scientific and technological research and application solutions in all sectors and fields, the scientific and technological sector of Son La province has helped improve productivity, product quality and local socioeconomic development.

Son La Aimed to Become Northwest Agricultural Processing Center

3:26:10 PM | 6/12/2022 | SON LA

Son La province has risen to become the largest agricultural production and processing center in the Northwest in recent years. Flourishing agricultural production not only helps improve people's lives but also affirms right and effective approaches of the province.

Promoting Digital Technology Applications

3:19:34 PM | 6/12/2022 | SON LA

Defining digital transformation as an inevitable trend and requirement, Son La province has directed agencies, units and localities to implement digital transformation with many synchronous and effective solutions.

Vigolando - Highlight of Son La Tourism Development

2:38:38 PM | 5/12/2022 | SON LA

Tourism development has brought economic benefits to Son La province and provided jobs for local people in the past years.