Harmonizing Rural Development with Sustainable Poverty Alleviation Goals

8:40:53 AM | 4/12/2023 | LANG SON

Following the National Target Program on New Rural Development, Lang Son province has made substantial strides in recent years toward its objectives of poverty reduction and increased income for its residents.

DDCI Lang Son Empowering the Business Community

2:34:10 PM | 8/11/2023 | LANG SON

Lang Son province welcomes and values the feedback, assessments, and constructive inputs from enterprises, cooperatives, and business households.

Lang Son Needs to Create Stronger Socioeconomic Development

9:23:37 AM | 2/9/2023 | LANG SON

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong visited and worked with the Standing Board of the Provincial People’s Committee and key officials of Lang Son province on the implementation of the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress (2020-2025 term).

Catalan Boulevard Uplifting Lang Son Real Estate Market

10:30:53 AM | 12/5/2021 | LANG SON

Catalan Boulevard, a well-placed strategic project invested by Catalan Joint Stock Company on National Highway 1A, is expected to generate a strong impression on the northeast real estate market. Catalan Boulevard integrates living values and commercial values with ideal off-site facilities. Planned to be the symbol of "Boulevard to prosperity", Catalan Boulevard is gradually realizing a different living class and elevating the future of the Lang Son real estate market.

Thanh Long Jessica Co., Ltd Asserting Vietnamese Confectionery Brand

10:28:46 AM | 12/5/2021 | LANG SON

Over 20 years of development, with perseverance and effort, Thanh Long Jessica Co., Ltd has made great progress and affirmed its reputation and brand in domestic and foreign markets.

Lang Son Adopting Solutions to Boost Investment

10:18:52 AM | 12/5/2021 | LANG SON

For Lang Son province to become a key economic driver of the Northeast region, in recent years, the provincial government has carried out many solutions to enhance the investment and business climate and utilize maximum potential and advantages to draw more investors to the province.

Economic Engine of Lang Son Province

10:16:54 AM | 12/5/2021 | LANG SON

Over the past years, the industry and trade sector has overcome numerous difficulties and challenges and achieved many important results to affirm its role as a driving force of socioeconomic development of Lang Son province.

Effectively Connecting Businesses and Government

10:14:51 AM | 12/5/2021 | LANG SON

Nearly 10 years after its establishment, with practical and effective activities, Lang Son Business Association has affirmed its role and position with the leaders of the province and business community in Lang Son.

Synchronously and Flexibly Implementing Revenue, Expenditure Budget Solutions

10:12:57 AM | 12/5/2021 | LANG SON

2021 is a year of significance, the starting year for the realization of the socio-economic development goals for the period 2021-2025. In the context of the administration of budget expenditure and revenue facing challenges, and as the economy is heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lang Son Department of Finance has actively coordinated with all branches and departments to synchronously and flexibly implement expenditure and revenue budget solutions to fulfill their assigned tasks.

Developing Tourism into Spearhead Economic Sector

11:00:18 AM | 11/5/2021 | LANG SON

Being a northern mountainous province of Vietnam, Lang Son province has a long culture and history built from many traditional relics, beliefs, spirituality, charming landscapes and festivals bearing local distinctive identity. To develop these untapped resources and advantages for tourism development, Lang Son province directed and issued many policies for developing tourism into a key economic sector.