Building Civilized, Modern Hung Yen with Rich Identity

11:30:49 AM | 3/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

Inheriting and promoting the tradition of Hung Yen province, the Party, government, people and business community in the province joined forces, actively innovated, overcome difficulties, especially the adverse impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic to successfully fulfill the development targets in the 2015-2020 term. These achievements will serve as a solid foundation for building a civilized, modern Hung Yen with rich identity in the future.

The Look Flourishes from the Traffic Works

11:29:03 AM | 3/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

Up to now, Hung Yen province has put on a new face and is one of the provinces that completed the National Target Program on New Rural Construction early, this achievement has an important contribution from the transport sector. The transport network in the province is relatively complete, well serving the travel needs of the people and the socio-economic development of the province.

Hung Yen Investment Attraction: Strong Growth in Both Quantity and Quality

11:26:28 AM | 3/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

During the term 2015-2020 and especially in 2020, despite many difficulties and challenges due to the impact of the Covid-19, Hung Yen's investment attraction still grew strongly in both quantity and quality with many big projects promoting socio-economic development of the province.

Technokom JSC Affirming the Class and Prestige of a Vietnamese Brand

1:11:19 PM | 2/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

Technokom Joint Stock Company manufactures motorbike parts and mechanical parts for domestic supporting industries as well as for export. The company aims to become one of the most reputable auto and motorbike parts suppliers in Vietnam.

PCC-1 Group Makes Positive Contributions to Hung Yen Socio-economic Development

1:09:58 PM | 2/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

With business diversity and right strategic vision, Petrolimex Construction Group Joint Stock Company 1 (PCC-1 Group) affirmed its position in the domestic and international markets.

Hung Long Garment and Service JSC Always Taking Care of Employees

1:08:44 PM | 2/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

Hung Long Garment and Service Joint Stock Company, founded in 1996, was transformed into a joint stock company in 2001 under the government policy. From 200 employees at first, the company has nearly 2,600 employees after more than 20 years of development. Since its inception, Hung Long has always been among the well-reputed textile and garment manufacturers of Vietnam, which is highly appreciated by Hung Yen leaders for social security, good employment for workers and valuable contributions to the local budget.

Facilitating Development of Key Industrial Products

1:06:32 PM | 2/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

Facing the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, enterprises producing key industrial products in Hung Yen province have proactively implemented many solutions to overcome difficulties, actively innovated technology, expanded the market, maintained growth momentum, and positively contributed to local socio-economic development.

Promoting Application of Science and Technology in Production and Life

1:04:42 PM | 2/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

Scientific research and the transfer of scientific and technological advances (S&T) into life are key factors to promote socio-economic development. Over the past years, Hung Yen's scientific research and technology transfer activities have always followed the practical requirements of life.

Resolved to Build E-Government, Develop Digital Economy

1:03:17 PM | 2/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

In order to make strong and comprehensive progress in information technology (IT) development to 2025, e-government construction and digital transformation were included in the resolution of the last Provincial Party Congress. This was considered a disruptive breakthrough to bring IT into local socioeconomic development, an affirmative determination to e-government construction and digital economic development in the coming time.

TOTO Vietnam Always Connected for Extended Growth

10:31:58 AM | 1/3/2021 | HUNG YEN

Founded in 2002, wholly Japanese-invested TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd, a member of TOTO Japan, is proud to be one of leading manufacturers of high-end sanitary equipment in the world. Coming to Vietnam with the desire to provide products and services loved by the Vietnamese people, TOTO Vietnam is a model FDI firm that upholds sharing and connectivity and is expanding its business development in Hung Yen province.

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