Hung Yen Province: Substantial Increase in PCI Rankings

11:22:34 AM | 9/6/2022 | HUNG YEN

The ranking of Hung Yen’s Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2021 has increased by 14 places, ranking 39th in the country, the highest total score ever over the past 17 years. Some of its sub-indices have improved strongly.

Awakening Hung Yen's Tourism Potential

10:31:20 AM | 5/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

As a province with great tourism potential, Hung Yen is promoting the development of key tourism products and driving Hung Yen to be a safe and friendly destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Haplast Group “Green Packaging for Green Future”

9:40:43 AM | 5/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

Using environmentally friendly green packaging is an increasingly popular trend, marking a big change in consumer psychology today. Grasping this essential need, Haplast Group - an experienced researcher and developer of export packaging in Hung Yen province - has made ongoing efforts to develop many premium packaging products with two large-scale modern factories.

Vietnam - Italy Steel: Brand Name Affirms the Quality

9:34:32 AM | 5/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

Vietnam - Italy Steel Joint Stock Company (VIS) was established in 2002 with Head Office located in Hung Yen province and a Representative Office in Hanoi. The year 2018 marked an important turning point when Vietnam - Italy Steel JSC became a member of Kyoei Steel Group Japan. Currently, the company is operating a Steel billet factory in Hai Phong and a Steel rolling factory in Hung Yen.

Hung Long II Garment JSC Technology and Personnel Are Core

9:25:41 AM | 5/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

As a top garment exporter in Hung Yen province, Hung Long II Garment Joint Stock Company not only generates jobs for local workers but also makes significant contributions to local budget revenue.

Management Board of Hung Yen Industrial Parks Further Accelerating Administrative Reform

9:09:02 AM | 5/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

The Management Board of Hung Yen Industrial Parks has adopted many solutions to support businesses, improve the investment and business environment, and enhance local competitiveness. Vietnam Business Forum's reporter has an interview with Mr. Phan Truong Tam, Director of the Management Board of Hung Yen Industrial Parks.

An Thi District Creating Consensus in Ground Clearance

9:05:38 AM | 5/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

An Thi district is oriented to develop and become one of the key industrial development centers of the province. To achieve this goal, the district is focusing on well performing ground clearance, creating a clean land fund to attract investment.

Increasing the Value of Agricultural Products

9:23:57 PM | 4/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

25 years ago, when it was first divided, Hung Yen was a purely agricultural province, a narrow land with many people and having a low starting point. In order to contribute to the development of the local economy, Hung Yen's Agriculture and Rural Development sector has focused on solving the problem of "Improving the quality, stabilizing production and efficient consumption of agricultural products, improving the lives of farmers” and has made important achievements.

Science, Technology and Innovation Driving Force for Socioeconomic Development

9:19:46 PM | 4/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

“To make science, technology and innovation a direct productive force, a driving force to improve labor productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness, and promote socioeconomic development, not only science and technology sector but also the entire political system,...

Placing People, Businesses at the Heart of Digital Transformation

9:14:01 PM | 4/5/2022 | HUNG YEN

In response to the Prime Minister’s Decision 749/QD-TTg on national digital transformation program to 2025, with a vision to 2030, Hung Yen province has been striving to launch comprehensive digital transformation.