Industrial Zones: Driving Force for Hung Yen Development

10:36:01 AM | 24/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

Since the first industrial park was established two decades ago (in 2003), Hung Yen Industrial Zones Authority has constantly tried its best to promote industrial zone development and support tenants to work effectively to create a driving force for provincial development.

Big leaps in budget revenue

9:49:44 AM | 24/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

The total state budget revenue of Hung Yen province continuously expanded from 2017 to 2022 to stand among Top 10 by value in 2022, a positive signal for the province's continued prosperity.

Sci & Tech Drives Rapid and Sustainable Socio-economic Development

9:16:52 AM | 23/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

By investing to develop scientific and technological potential, the science and technology (S&T) sector of Hung Yen province has focused on S&T research and application.

Linking Agricultural Development with New Rural Development

8:39:33 AM | 23/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

Reviewing the work performance since the start of the 19th current term of the Hung Yen Provincial Party Congress (2020-2025), with agricultural restructuring and new countryside construction efforts in the 2021-2025 period, Hung Yen province has gradually improved agricultural productivity and quality, ensured food security and stabilized people's livelihoods.

Reasserting Right Tourism Position in Local Economic Structure

11:18:47 AM | 21/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

Hung Yen province is speeding up the development of tourism products and attracting tourists in a bid to create breakthroughs and reassert the right position of tourism in the economic structure.

Enhancing Land Administration and Facilitation

10:52:08 AM | 21/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

In addition to further reforming administrative procedures, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Hung Yen province has advised and carried out many solutions to effectively manage and exploit natural and environmental resources and help people and businesses access land.

Adaptable and Sustainable Labor Market Development

10:44:59 AM | 21/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

With flexible vocational training solutions, human resources of Hung Yen province actually met requirements for both quantity and quality and supported Hung Yen to become a strong industrial province in the coming time.

Hung Yen: Creating Impressions, Keeping Growth Momentum

9:16:37 AM | 21/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

Implementing the resolution of the 19th Provincial Party Congress for half of the current term (2020-2025), Hung Yen province has achieved many impressive results in promoting economic growth, attracting investment and improving administration at all levels of government.

Industry and Trade Sector: Helping Boost Administrative and Executive Capacity

9:13:46 AM | 21/7/2023 | HUNG YEN

Along with advising and carrying out many solutions to remove difficulties in production and business for local enterprises, the Department of Industry and Trade launched industrial and trade promotion activities for them, especially by speeding up administrative reform and improving local administration.

Hung Yen Province: Substantial Increase in PCI Rankings

11:22:34 AM | 9/6/2022 | HUNG YEN

The ranking of Hung Yen’s Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2021 has increased by 14 places, ranking 39th in the country, the highest total score ever over the past 17 years. Some of its sub-indices have improved strongly.