Realizing Aspiration for Dynamic and Vibrant Hai Phong

9:19:03 AM | 5/5/2023 | HAI PHONG

“Capturing all opportunities, exerting reform efforts and taking drastic action, the entire political system, people and businesses are striving to realize the aspiration for a dynamic and developing Hai Phong,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Tung, Chairman of Hai Phong People's Committee, in an interview granted to our reporter.

Hai Phong: Create maximum conditions for DEEP C Hai Phong to continue to develop

2:46:24 PM | 13/4/2023 | HAI PHONG

This is the confirmation of Mr. Le Tien Chau, Secretary of Hai Phong City Party Committee at the meeting and working session at DEEP C Hai Phong Industrial Park complex.

“At QSI Haiphong, All Students Can Be Successful”

2:48:49 PM | 15/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

With the motto "Success for All," QSI International School of Haiphong (QSI Haiphong) has become a leading school in Hai Phong City that offers a high-quality education model which appeals to international corporations seeking to invest in the city.

Trang Due Industrial Park: Asserting Position as Attractive Investment Destination

4:45:09 PM | 3/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

In 2007, after being assigned by Hai Phong City People's Committee to invest in infrastructure construction in Trang Due Industrial Park, SHP Company embarked on infrastructure construction and attracted secondary investors.

Focusing on Strongly Developing Industrial Parks

3:40:40 PM | 3/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

With the goal of attracting about US$15 billion of FDI, the city is urgently implementing the necessary work to accelerate the progress of new IPs, of which the focus is Tien Thanh IP with a scale of 410.46ha.

Hai Phong Development Investment Fund: Improving Efficiency of Investment Projects

3:36:36 PM | 3/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

By the end of 2021, the Fund's operating capital was VND 821,484 billion (owner's equity accounted for 100%); the average annual increase in the period 2016-2021 was 31.85%/year.

Preserving, Sustainably Developing Values of Cat Ba National Park

11:08:08 AM | 3/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

Lying on the largest island of Cat Ba Archipelago (Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City), Cat Ba National Park is one of the world's biosphere reserves and a special-use forest with the richest biodiversity in Vietnam.

Industry and Trade Sector: Accelerating Business Recovery and Growth

3:55:21 PM | 1/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

Given difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, the industry and trade sector of Hai Phong City focused on carrying out support solutions in a bid to help local enterprises achieve successful business outcomes.

Impressive Achievements of Administrative Reform

3:45:34 PM | 1/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

Hai Phong City has achieved many positive results in administrative reform and administration modernization in recent years. This has enhanced public and business satisfaction and improved the city's business and investment environment.

Creating Strong Appeal to Investors

3:28:50 PM | 1/11/2022 | HAI PHONG

Having a synchronous and modern transport infrastructure, being a center of regional economic cooperation and having attractive mechanisms and policies, Hai Phong is exerting a strong appeal to investors, especially large ones with modern eco-friendly technology.