Hai Phong Economic Zones Authority: Leading Investment Attraction

3:34:15 PM | 28/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

After 30 years of development, industrial zones and economic zones in Hai Phong City have powered socioeconomic development and basically fulfilled its responsibility of laying the foundation for FDI attraction, employment, export growth and urbanization.

Hai Phong Police: Intensifying Crime Prevention, Ensuring Security

10:53:42 AM | 26/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

Hai Phong Police have initiated and collaborated on various campaigns to deter and capture criminals and attained many successes on security fronts to guarantee peace for residents, businesses, investors and tourists in Hai Phong City.

Fostering Public Service Culture Towards Modern Professional Administration

11:17:48 AM | 25/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

While accelerating administrative reform, Hai Phong City also focuses on enabling strong changes in the public service culture, behavioral style and working practices of public employees.

Expanding Foreign Affairs Activities to Enhance Hai Phong’s Position

10:56:13 AM | 25/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

Through consistent, comprehensive, and effective foreign affairs, the Hai Phong Department of Foreign Affairs has contributed to the successful implementation of socioeconomic development, national defense, and security goals. This has elevated the position and image of the port city in the international arena.

Strongly Improving Business Environment to Create Miracles in Attracting Investment

10:48:43 AM | 25/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

Hai Phong has not only leveraged its modern and comprehensive infrastructure and skilled workforce but also prioritized administrative reform and enhancement of the investment and business climate.

Cat Ba National Park Sees New Opportunities

8:26:15 PM | 24/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

Ha Long Bay - Cat Ba Archipelago Complex was recognized as a world natural heritage by the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at its 45th meeting session on September 16, 2023.

Industry and Trade Sector: Playing a Key Role in the Economy

9:05:40 AM | 24/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

Driven by high-tech industrial development and steadily growing trade, Hai Phong's industry and trade sector has actively helped the city's economic development.

Hai Phong City: Remarkable Breakthrough in Economic Growth and Competitiveness

9:03:03 AM | 24/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

As one of the top-performing localities in the country’s economic growth in 2022, Hai Phong City has sustained its high growth rate in the early months of 2023.

Increasing Experience Values for Tourists

3:02:33 PM | 23/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

Hai Phong City is committed to developing its tourism industry by enhancing service quality and improving tourist experience values. The city aims to become a safe, friendly, and attractive destination for eco-marine and cultural-historical tourism. It aspires to be one of the key national and international destinations for these types of tourism.

Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd: Continuously Improving Meal Quality for Workers

2:25:54 PM | 23/10/2023 | HAI PHONG

Bao Chau Industrial Foodstuff Co., Ltd, established in 2011, is a leading supplier of industrial foods and meals in Hai Phong City. With the motto “Service from honesty, development from prestige,” the company has become a partner of many factories and companies inside and outside the city.