Bac Ninh: Ongoing Efforts for Business Climate Improvement

11:10:37 AM | 7/10/2020 | BAC NINH

For four consecutive years after 2015, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Bac Ninh province did not reach the Top 10 (still in the Top 20). However, in 2019, the province made a big breakthrough when its standing rose to No. 4 in the PCI Rankings with 70.79 points. This success came from its relentless efforts to improve the business environment and enhance competitiveness.

PC Bac Ninh Join Forces with Customers to Overcome Difficulties Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic

9:41:49 AM | 1/7/2020 | BAC NINH

In order to share difficulties with customers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Power Company of Bac Ninh (PC Bac Ninh) has joined hands with businesses and people to overcome difficulties, promoting production and business development and stabilizing life. Our reporter had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Luong Kim, Director of PC Bac Ninh about this issue. Nguyet Tham reports.

Hai Phat Land: A Leading Real Estate Distributor

2:59:05 PM | 30/10/2019 | BAC NINH

With many outstanding housing projects with thousands of products of various types for customers in Bac Ninh province, Hai Phat Land has gradually asserted its position as a leading real estate distributor. This is also a part of the vivid picture of Bac Ninh real estate market.

Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd Fostering Technological Prowess

2:57:35 PM | 30/10/2019 | BAC NINH

Promoting technological advantages and good local business environment has helped Taixin Printing Vina to make long-term development steps over the years. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine had an interview with Mr. Hwang Sun Gi, Director of Taixin Printing Vina Co., Ltd, about the company’s development. Ngo San reports.

Smart Tech Vina Affirming Stuff and Prestige of a Vietnamese Brand

2:55:50 PM | 30/10/2019 | BAC NINH

Supporting industry are the backbone of industry. Currently, Vietnam's supporting industry has been gradually developed to meet urgent demands for machinery and equipment of transport, irrigation, industry, construction and civil engineering.

Bac Ninh Fosters Efforts, Innovations for Better Business Environment

2:51:38 PM | 30/10/2019 | BAC NINH

From its re-establishment in 1997 to 2015, Bac Ninh focused on attracting resources to boost industrial development and advertising its image of dynamism and creativity in economic development.

Strengthening Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

2:48:47 PM | 30/10/2019 | BAC NINH

Firmly and effectively carrying out Resolution 35/NQ-CP of the Government on business support and development to 2020 and enforcing the Law on Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Bac Ninh province has accelerated SME development pace, enhanced SME competitiveness and provided a favorable and fair business environment for SMEs to contribute more to economic development.

Catalan JSC Asserting Vietnamese Brand on Global Market

11:13:48 AM | 29/10/2019 | BAC NINH

With 12 years’ experience in manufacturing and developing high-class ceramic tiles, Catalan has continuously strived for development, affirmed its strong brand and extended to global markets.

HANAKA Group: 25 Years of Aspirations, Dedication and Future Construction

11:12:04 AM | 29/10/2019 | BAC NINH

2019 is a very special milestone for HANAKA Group as it turns 25. HANAKA has become a leading industrial manufacturer in Vietnam and affirmed its solid position in the international market as a brand that has captured the hearts of millions of people.

Tourism Developed into Key Economic Sector

11:10:47 AM | 29/10/2019 | BAC NINH

Tourism development, coupled with service quality improvement, aimed to build tourism into a key economic sector, is a long-term approach for Bac Ninh province.