Resolutely Preventing Tax Refund Frauds

The tax sector conducted 55,840 inspections in the year to October 31, or 75.56% of the inspection plan in 2022 and 106.8% that in the same period of 2021.

Sustainable Agricultural Development Boosted by Digital Transformation

3:49:21 PM | 12/1/2022

Currently, digital technology has been used to connect agricultural consumption. Especially when social distancing was applied to prevent COVID-19, and agriculture supply chains were disrupted, localities resorted to digital technology to boost advertising, trade promotion, distribution and consumption of agricultural products and help the agricultural sector get through hardships caused by the pandemic.

Enhancing Digital Transformation for Responsible Production and Business

3:45:28 PM | 12/1/2022

Enhancing digital transformation for responsible business and production is not only a need but also an essential condition in the integration period.

Improving Legal Document Quality

1:39:56 PM | 12/1/2022

According to the Institute of Legal Science under the Ministry of Justice, after 35 years of doi moi (reform), Vietnamese laws have made progress in both quantity and quality.

Firms Remain Optimistic about Business Prospects

1:08:55 PM | 12/1/2022

Most industries have experienced a revenue decrease. Retailing is the brightest spot, with revenue growth of 120%. In addition, transport and logistics recovery amid economic reopening and the rise of mining, petroleum and steel industries, driven by high oil prices and steel prices, also enjoy the limelight.

Rising Risks to Vietnam's Economy

12:55:26 PM | 12/1/2022

“Given strong growth through September, we revised up our GDP growth forecast for Vietnam in 2022 from 6% to 7.5%. However, due to slowing external demand and tighter financial conditions, the growth forecast for 2023 is 5.8%. Inflation is expected to rise, before gradually returning below 4%.”

Outstanding Achievements in E-Taxation

12:15:48 PM | 12/1/2022

The electronic tax declaration system has been launched to all 63 provinces and cities and all tax offices and 99.4% of enterprises are using this service, said the General Department of Taxation (GDT). The system received 15,150,722 records from January 1, 2022 to October 15, 2022.

SIP INDEX: For Sustainability of Vietnam's Industrial Parks

10:29:37 AM | 12/1/2022

Vietnam currently has over 500 licensed industrial park infrastructure construction projects, including nearly 400 being operational with a total area of 123,000 ha in 61 out of 63 provinces and cities, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Sustainable Corporate Governance: Opportunities for Businesses to Develop in New Context

10:22:00 AM | 12/1/2022

Sustainable corporate governance is no longer a responsibility but has become a factor for businesses to maintain business operations in the new context.

Customs Decentralizes Settlement of 5 Procedures

4:22:36 PM | 11/30/2022

To ensure the scheduled progress of decentralizing customs administrative procedures from GDC to provincial/municipal customs departments, GDC requested the Import-Export Tax Department to decentralize the procedure of certifying the completion of tax payment obligations (code: 1.007781).

Vietnam - New Zealand Elevating Strategic Partnership in Agriculture

9:55:42 AM | 11/30/2022

Vietnam and New Zealand are important partners in agriculture. With a shared commitment to free and open trade that benefits everyone and boosts production and export, both countries are food suppliers for the whole world.