Diversifying Amusing Tourism Products

The tourism sector of Ha Giang province has made great progress to become a major tourist center in the northern border area and assert its name on the tourism map of Vietnam, the region and the world. To find out more information, our reporter has an exclusive interview with Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai, Director of Ha Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Nguyen Bach reports.

Forthcoming Events

Vaccine Tourism Key to Revive Phu Quoc Tourism

9:22:23 AM | 23/7/2021

Phu Quoc (Kien Giang province) is the first city piloted by the Politburo to attract tourists who get vaccinated. This is an opportunity to revive Phu Quoc tourism, contributing to the economic development of the province.

Khanh Hoa Tourism Overcomes COVID-19 Pandemic

7:47:51 AM | 5/7/2021

Tourism is one of the sectors hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In that context, the tourism sector of Khanh Hoa province confidently asserts impressive resilience. What creates that strength for the province's tourism industry to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic?

One in Five Countries Approach Pre-Pandemic Domestic Flight Levels; International Travel Lags Behind

5:14:48 PM | 1/7/2021

Mastercard released Recovery Insights: Ready for Takeoff?, a view into key travel trends in the air and on the ground, around the world. While the global travel recovery remains uneven, one-fifth of countries studied have returned to at least 90% of pre-pandemic levels for domestic flight bookings; with Australia surpassing the global average with bookings at 116%.

Supporting Tourism Firms to Live through COVID-19 Pandemic

10:02:39 AM | 22/6/2021

A large number of travel companies across the country are looking forward to support policies to overcome difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

National Cultural Heritage Photo Contest and Exhibition Launched

10:00:31 AM | 22/6/2021

The National Cultural Heritage Photo Contest and Exhibition was launched by the Cultural Heritage Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to search for valuable photographic works featuring typical tangible cultural heritages in Vietnam (history, culture, architecture, art and landscape).

Lai Chau Tourism and Culture Week 2021 Scheduled for November

9:59:40 AM | 22/6/2021

Themed “Lai Chau - Majesty and identity”, the Lai Chau Tourism - Culture Week 2021 is scheduled for November 2021 in Lai Chau City.

Tourism Developed into Highly Competitive Economic Engine

12:58:51 PM | 16/6/2021

Badly wrecked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Quang Ngai tourism has still managed to achieve its assigned tasks and positively contributed to local socioeconomic development. This is also a solid foundation for the sector to improve its competitiveness and gradually realize the goal of becoming a leading economic sector of the province.

Unique Che Worship Ritual of E De People

9:32:36 AM | 4/6/2021

E De people believe that each che, a big jar, has its own soul. Che are not only artifacts but also sacred items, which manifest the strength of the clan. Joining the ritual helps connect with the community and the family. Therefore, E De people always worship this spirit whenever they buy a jar or whenever there is any change made to the jar.

Solutions to Attract Tourists to Nghe An Province

9:49:25 AM | 13/5/2021

Nghe An province, with its favorable geographical position to expand domestic and international economic exchanges that serve as an important prerequisite for development of tourism and other economic sectors, is always a charming destination for tourists as it has many distinctive and attractive tourism types like ecotourism, cultural tourism and festival tourism.

Developing Tourism into Spearhead Economic Sector

11:00:18 AM | 11/5/2021

Being a northern mountainous province of Vietnam, Lang Son province has a long culture and history built from many traditional relics, beliefs, spirituality, charming landscapes and festivals bearing local distinctive identity. To develop these untapped resources and advantages for tourism development, Lang Son province directed and issued many policies for developing tourism into a key economic sector.