Preparing for Post-Pandemic Tourism

The recent COVID-19 pandemic wave has dealt a strong blow to Vietnamese travel companies as tourism had a new opportunity during spring festival travel at the beginning of the year. Facing the new situation, travel businesses have to constantly transform themselves to maintain operations to suit the new situation and to prepare operational plans to be ready for post-pandemic tours.

Forthcoming Events

Turning Tourism into Key Economic Sector

10:18:22 AM | 1/3/2021

Recognizing that tourism generates a lot of jobs and creates great resources for socioeconomic development, Hung Yen province is resolved to make tourism an important economic sector by 2025 and a spearhead economic sector for sustainable development after that.

Feeling of Traditional Vietnamese New Year

10:03:50 PM | 12/2/2021

For foreigners living in Vietnam, the traditional Tet holiday always leaves in them interesting and unforgettable emotions. The New Year is an opportunity to look back on past events, to express hope, and to exchange best wishes.

Preparing to Welcome Visitors When Market Is Open

10:01:11 AM | 12/2/2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated Vietnamese tourism industry. However, thanks to the efforts of the Government and businesses, the tourism industry is working hard to prepare for the opening of its market in the coming time.

Buffalo Legends in the New Year of the Buffalo

10:12:29 PM | 11/2/2021

As the working animal closest to the farmer, the buffalo has long been a symbol of wet rice agricultural civilization in general and Vietnamese culture in particular.

Tourism during Covid Time: Great Potential from Domestic Tourists

9:58:07 AM | 5/2/2021

The unpredictable Covid-19 epidemic exerted an adverse impact on the Vietnamese economy, with tourism hardest hit by the contagion. In the face of closing flight routes, domestic tourism has been defined as a "lifesaver" for the tourism industry to live through this difficult period for development.

Tourism Developed into Spearhead Economic Sector

10:03:15 AM | 25/1/2021

In 2020, despite facing heavy impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, the tourism industry of Phu Yen province still managed to deal with difficulties and effectively tap the domestic market to stabilize the development of hospitality, become a spearhead economic sector and make a great contribution to the local economy.

Developing Tourism into Spearhead Economic Sector

10:30:41 AM | 19/1/2021

Vinh Phuc is considered a tourist hub in the greater Hanoi region, a buffer zone between Northwest provinces with Hanoi. The province has abundant natural tourism resources and typical cultural resources of the source of Vietnamese people. Tam Dao National Park, Tam Dao tourist site, Tay Thien, Dai Lai and Dam Vac scenic complexes, and diverse historical and cultural relics enable Vinh Phuc to develop various types of tourism: cultural, ecological, leisure and spiritual.

Peaceful Sky of Birds of Paradise Flower

10:08:05 AM | 9/1/2021

Tall buildings have taken up the sky for birds and even brutally trimmed trees affect the habitats of the species. That is a reason why birds flock together to migrate to the mountains. Charmingly, many species of intelligent birds flock to Tra Su, an immense green forest, as an ideal place to settle down, flap their arrogant wings to keep their mission of beautifying life.

From Popular to World-Class Tourism Destination

10:34:48 AM | 5/1/2021

In recent years, Viet Nam's tourism industry has seen conspicuous developments, while increasingly asserting its firm position in the world tourism map.

Fascinated with Tuc Dup Tourist Paradise

3:08:29 PM | 30/12/2020

Not only being a radiant pride in history, but Tuc Dup is also famous for its captivating art films because of the beauty of “marvelous mountains and elegant water”, charming and poetic natural scenery. Tuc Dup Hill is enthralling because it embraces a chain of the longest and most beautiful natural granite caves in Vietnam. It appeals to tourists far and wide for the majestic and magnificent beauty...