Ha Tinh Province: Remarkable Economic Advancement

11:07:20 AM | 7/3/2024 | HA TINH

In the midst of a challenging global economic landscape marked by soaring inflation and the tightening of monetary policies worldwide, Ha Tinh province has still enjoyed steady development.

Ha Tinh Province: Vibrant Rural Economic Development

10:19:40 AM | 4/11/2022 | HA TINH

Ha Tinh province started implementing the New Rural Development Program with a low starting point. After more than 12 years of ongoing construction, the province has greatly improved the material and spiritual life of the people.

Ha Tinh Strives to Boost Rural Development

10:35:32 AM | 9/3/2021 | HA TINH

According to the draft plan for the pilot new rural development project in 2021 - 2025, Ha Tinh province will have 100% of communes meeting new rural development standards from 2023. Prioritized resources will be provided to 10 communes that have not yet achieved the standards (eight in Huong Khe district and two in Ky Anh district).

Ha Tinh Completes Pilot Project to Reach New Rural Standards before 2025

10:37:38 AM | 21/5/2020 | HA TINH

It is over nine months since Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue chose Ha Tinh to pilot the “new rural standard” project in 2021 - 2025, and the Ha Tinh Steering Committee for New Rural Development has coordinated closely with central authorities to draft the plan.

Communes That Meet Advanced New Countryside Standards Must Have OCOP Products

2:00:59 PM | 5/5/2020 | HA TINH

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development drafted a new set of district- and commune-level new countryside standards for the 2021 - 2025 period. The draft adds more criteria to existing ones.

OCOP Ha Tinh Adding Wings to Traditional Products to Fly

11:30:52 AM | 19/11/2019 | HA TINH

Ha Tinh province is famous for many traditional handicraft villages with sophisticated and high-quality products such as captivating “cu do” candy made from molasses and peanuts. Ha Tinh people regard the round flat candy as the soul of their homeland.

Investors Pledge VND6 Trillion to Ha Tinh’s Nghi Xuan District

4:50:01 PM | 11/7/2016 | HA TINH

Sixteen investors pledged to invest a total of nearly VND6 trillion (US$270 million) in Nghi Xuan district, the central province of Ha Tinh, after attending an investment promotion conference on July 10...

Ha Tinh Improves Business Environment and Attracts Investments

2:42:59 PM | 25/1/2015 | HA TINH

In 2014, with various changes in the world economy, the Vietnamese economy revived even with potential risks affecting the business community. Under such circumstances, Ha Tinh province has adopted several policies...

Ha Tinh - Future Industrial Centre of Central Region

2:40:53 PM | 25/1/2015 | HA TINH

Ha Tinh province had rapid economic growth in recent years, with average annual growth of 14.8 percent in the 2011- 2013 period and 25.89 percent in 2014....

Ha Tinh Industry and Trade Sector: Motivation for Economic Development

2:39:28 PM | 25/1/2015 | HA TINH

In the context of economic difficulties, Ha Tinh trade and industry continues to grow, thanks to the efforts of agencies, organisations and the business community in the province...