Lao Cai Strives to Have 15 Communes Meeting New Rural Development Standards in 2021

10:36:44 AM | 9/3/2021 | LAO CAI

The Steering Committee of the National Target Program for New Rural Development and Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Lao Cai province recently launched Plan 66/KH-BCD dated February 9, 2021 on implementation the National Target Program for New Rural Development, aiming to add more communes that fulfill new rural development standards in 2021.

Import-export Value in Lao Cai Customs Rebounds Sharply

11:57:28 AM | 19/5/2020 | LAO CAI

The export and import value at Lao Cai customs offices soared in April, resulting in higher trade value in the year to date, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Lao Cai Fostering Tourism Development and Cultural Preservation

8:19:02 AM | 6/12/2016 | LAO CAI

The mountainous frontier province of Lao Cai has a lot of particularly comparative advantages to develop tourism economy as it lies on Kunming (Yunnan) - Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh...

Lao Cai Bettering Business Environment, Enhancing Investment Attraction

8:17:09 AM | 6/12/2016 | LAO CAI

Lao Cai province has always secured a high position in the annual rankings of the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) released by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry...

Lao Cai Offering Various Business Support Solutions

8:14:40 AM | 6/12/2016 | LAO CAI

By tapping the potential and advantages of a frontier province, the industry and trade sector of Lao Cai province has affirmed its leading and driving roles in local socioeconomic development...

National Tourism Year 2017: “Visit Vietnam Year 2017 - Lao Cai -Northwest”

2:51:18 PM | 27/7/2016 | LAO CAI

The National Tourism Year 2017 is fully named Visit Vietnam Year 2017 -Lao Cai - Northwest themed “Northwest colours”. The logo of the National Tourism Year 2017 highlights the image of houses on stilts...

Lao Cai Tourism Development: New Orientations

1:46:46 PM | 5/7/2016 | LAO CAI

Lao Cai province has a lot of favourable conditions for tourism development: geographical location, high mountain terrain, biodiversity and culture....

Lao Cai Towards Quality and Sustainability of FDI Attraction

10:10:10 PM | 30/9/2015 | LAO CAI

Since it was re-established in 1991, Lao Cai province has yet to attract many foreign direct investment (FDI) projects although it has certain advantages in FDI attraction like rich mineral resources in large reserves,...

Lao Cai Economic Zone- Engine of Economic Development

10:05:53 PM | 30/9/2015 | LAO CAI

Lao Cai province has actively and effectively implemented policies and guidelines of the Government, and applied flexible and suitable solutions for the development of economic zones...

Lao Cai Business Association Increasing Linkage between Authority and Enterprises

10:04:53 PM | 30/9/2015 | LAO CAI

The Lao Cai Business Association, over the past years, has worked very actively and accompanied business community to overcome difficulties, acting as an important bridge connecting the provincial authorities and businesses...

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