Lao Cai: Preferred Destination for Spiritual Tourism

9:03:24 AM | 6/3/2024 | LAO CAI

Since the commencement of the Year of the Dragon in 2024, Lao Cai has witnessed a significant surge in its tourism sector. The region is teeming with visitors, drawn to its myriad tourist attractions and amusement parks.

Lào Cai Serves More Than 6 Million Visitors in 9 Months

10:36:02 AM | 13/10/2023 | LAO CAI

The number of visitors to the northern province of Lao Cai in the first nine months of this year reached a record of more than six million, up 71 per cent over the same period last year, thanks to measures to stimulate tourism demand, together with improved service quality.

Sa Pa Strives to Improve OCOP Products

10:03:16 AM | 9/12/2021 | LAO CAI

Sa Pa is leading Lao Cai province in certified OCOP products assigned 3-star or higher standards.

Adding Rural Tourism into New Rural Development Program

10:00:51 AM | 9/12/2021 | LAO CAI

Developing rural tourism will be one of the new concerns of the agricultural sector

Overcoming Difficulties to Move Forward

9:11:03 AM | 24/8/2021 | LAO CAI

After more than six years of construction, on June 26, 2021, Vinacomin - Minerals Holding Corporation (VIMICO) took the first anode copper plate in Lao Cai Copper Smelter after the test run of the expansion project was completed.

Hoa Thinh Hung Co., Ltd Spreading Vibrant Startup Spirit

9:29:52 AM | 23/8/2021 | LAO CAI

The robust development of Lao Cai province in recent decades has become a magnet to many entrepreneurs and enterprises whose success has adorned the province. Hoa Thinh Hung Co., Ltd, which is led by Director Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, plays a significant part in that success.

Right Tourism Stimulus Comes to Fruition

9:13:56 AM | 19/8/2021 | LAO CAI

In a bid to revive the tourism industry that has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Lao Cai province launched many tourism stimulus programs, hosted attention-grabbing tourism events and developed new tourism products.

Vietcombank Lao Cai - Leading Economic Funding

9:11:32 AM | 19/8/2021 | LAO CAI

After 30 years of re-establishment, Lao Cai province has obtained many achievements in socio-economic development with the contribution of the banking industry, which always adheres to the province's key goals. The banking system provides credit for all economic sectors and helps increase the appeal of the local investment environment. One active member of this system is the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam - Lao Cai Branch (Vietcombank Lao Cai).

Vietnam - China Power Investment Co., Ltd Scaling Up Seo Chong Ho Hydropower Plant

9:08:03 AM | 19/8/2021 | LAO CAI

Vietnam - China Power Investment Co., Ltd was established in October 2006 as a cooperation project between Northern Electricity Corporation of Vietnam (51% stake) and Yunnan Power Grid Company of China (49% stake, now transferred to Yunnan Southern Power Grid International Co., Ltd of China).

PTI Lao Cai: Business Development in Couple with Community Responsibility

9:06:35 AM | 19/8/2021 | LAO CAI

PTI Lao Cai, established in 2006, is active in Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces. After 15 years of development, the company has launched products that bring practical benefits to customers, especially motor vehicle insurance and personal insurance.