Promoting New Rural Development

4:13:52 PM | 23/11/2022

Reputable people play an important role in new rural development because they link governments at all levels with people. They are not only the "nucleus" of gathering and uniting people but also directly contribute to the stability and development of remote and isolated areas.

Van Chan district, Yen Bai province currently has elected 162 people as prestigious actors in the community. They really have become the core force and the bridge for authorities and people. They help reinforce the confidence of ethnic people in the Party and the State, strengthen great national unity, promote and improve the quality of the “All people unite to build a cultural life in residential areas” campaign, adopt an elegant lifestyle at weddings, funerals, festivals, and get rid of backward customs.

To date, the district has nine communes certified to meet new rural development standards, with one commune certified to reach advanced standards. This outcome results from the significant contributions of reputable people in the residential community. Being aware of this difficult task for communes, especially mountainous ones, the Party and local authorities are resolved to engage the whole political system to join hands to help people, especially promoting the role of reputable people in the community.

Duong Phuong Lan, a reputable woman in Na Ke village, always actively persuades people to donate land to build roads, beautify the landscape and environment, restructure crops and raise incomes. “Realizing that villagers’ life is still hard and many outdated customs have affected their daily life, my colleagues and I have persistently mobilized people to gradually change their thinking and awareness. We are using many forms of communications to convince them to follow given criteria, especially environmental sanitation and poverty criteria,” she added.

Fostering their role and responsibility to the community, reputable people in Van Chan have become the core force to inform and mobilize people in residential areas to build great national unity and patriotism, preserve environmental sanitation and eradicate outdated customs. Many reputable people have actively developed socioeconomic conditions and created highly effective production models.

Bao Dan (Vietnam Business Forum)