Right Tourism Stimulus Comes to Fruition

9:13:56 AM | 19/8/2021

In a bid to revive the tourism industry that has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, Lao Cai province launched many tourism stimulus programs, hosted attention-grabbing tourism events and developed new tourism products. At the same time, the province supported businesses to promote tourism in key markets, prioritized vaccinations for tourism workers, exempted or reduced prices for tickets at local tourist attractions, and built charming, safe destinations to welcome tourists when the epidemic is under control.

Lao Cai tourism has grown strongly to become a leading economic sector of the province. Lao Cai is leading tourism investment, tourist arrivals and tourism revenue in the Northwest region. Given its tourism achievements, the province defined tourism and service development as one of two breakthrough fields in the province's economic development in 2021-2025, aiming for sustainable tourism that benefits local people in the long term and contributes to Vietnam’s overall tourism development.

In the past time, the Lao Cai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism closely watched for epidemic developments, actively advised and proposed epidemic response scenarios to the Provincial People's Committee as well as tourism stimulus program called "The color of Lao Cai" in 2021 that consisted of remarkable tourism activities and events to create strong spillover effects, stimulate Lao Cai tourism development, and provide a better ground for tourism recovery. Nevertheless, due to complicated Covid-19 epidemic development that adversely spoiled the tourism industry, many plans had to be postponed or stopped.

In response to drastic changes in the tourism industry (the preference for destinations that are not overcrowded, environmentally friendly destinations, small group travelling and family excursion), Lao Cai province focused on developing community tourism, experience tourism, ecotourism, and high-class travel.

At the same time, Lao Cai focused on developing products that match tourists’ tastes like adventure sporting, ecotourism (sporting products in Hoang Lien National Park and Bac Ha District, advised by French experts: zip-lining, rowing, cycling, tree-staying and skydiving), developed a variety of farm-stay, agricultural tourism, community tourism and cultural experiences.

The department is advising the Provincial People's Committee to launch a second tourism stimulus plan in the domestic market in 2021. This plan will focus on domestic and regional tourism stimulus in an effort to cope with epidemic contagion while ensuring the dual goal of “economic development and disease prevention”. In 2021, celebrating its 30th founding anniversary, Lao Cai province will host the Northwest Quintessence Festival, featuring many activities appealing to visitors.

Despite being seriously affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, tourist attractions and tourism companies in the province are always ready to join forces for tourism stimulus. While waiting for joint actions launched by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lao Cai has worked out specific stimulus solutions and actions, strengthened tourism administration and ensured a healthy business environment.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum