Nghe An Extraordinary Buffalo in the Southwest

10:08:08 AM | 5/2/2024 | NGHE AN

Not long ago, there was an attention-grabbing, curiosity-arousing story about a hermaphrodite buffalo in Nghe An province. This unique buffalo was “recruited” by the Management Board of An Hao Solar Park Tourist Area (Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, Vietnam) to serve tourists during the Lunar New Year 2024.

Nghe An- Revolutionizing Development

8:39:02 AM | 19/8/2022 | NGHE AN

Nghe An province has increasingly attracted investment from domestic and international corporations and has made significant efforts in improving its business environment.

Vinh City Attracting Resources for Strong Development

9:33:29 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

To unlock potential and resources, Vinh City is working to remove policy bottlenecks in planning, transport and urban infrastructure to turn Vinh into a regional economic and cultural center of the Northern Central Coast to 2023, said Mr. Nguyen Sy Dieu, Vice Chairman of Vinh City People's Committee, in an interview given to our reporter.

Actively Unlocking Tourism Potential

9:24:20 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

With its available advantages and potential, Nghe An has great opportunities for sustainable tourism development. Currently, the province is promoting tourism activities, diversifying services and creating unique tourism products to attract a large number of visitors.

Tan Thang Cement Affirming Position with Creative Thinking

9:19:32 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

With a total investment of more than VND5,000 billion, covering nearly 60 ha, Tan Thang Cement plant has pursued the direction of sustainable development, pioneering in technology with the slogan "Making a difference - Building trust".

Preparing Best Conditions to Accommodate Investors

9:17:49 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

To further boost the role of Dong Nam Economic Zone in local development, Nghe An province is carrying out many solutions to develop Dong Nam Economic Zone into an economic engine of Nghe An province in 2021-2025, with a vision to 2030 (as stated in Decision 4514/QD-UBND dated November 25, 2021) and prepare best conditions for investors...

Dong Nam Nghe An EZ Creating Driving Force for Investment Inflow and Economic Development

9:15:19 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

After 15 years of development, Dong Nam Economic Zone and industrial zones of Nghe An province have clearly affirmed their driving force in local investment attraction and socioeconomic development, said Mr. Le Tien Tri, Director of the Authority of Southeast (Dong Nam) Nghe An Economic Zone (EZ).

Stabilizing Labor Market, Fostering Socioeconomic Development

9:11:00 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

To stabilize the labor market, which is gradually becoming vibrant again, Nghe An province has adopted consistent solutions like reviewing recruitment demand, hosting job bazaars and strengthening worker training to match the demand from the business community. This has helped ensure social security and boost socioeconomic development.

VSS Nghe An Ensuring Social Security Policy

9:08:45 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

In 2021, despite performing its tasks in extremely difficult conditions due to the complicated outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam Social Security - Nghe An (VSS Nghe An) impressively accomplished the "dual goals".

Supporting Businesses to Overcome COVID-19

9:07:01 AM | 19/4/2022 | NGHE AN

In 2022, amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic and the unstable macroeconomic conditions in the world, greatly affecting import and export activities, Nghe An Customs Department has implemented solutions to support businesses, ensuring the dual goal of effective pandemic control and smooth import and export activities, without disrupting the supply chain.