Thai Hoa Positioned to Be Western Urban Center of Nghe An Province

8:48:35 AM | 26/8/2021 | NGHE AN

Nghe An Provincial Party Committee recently adopted a resolution on construction and development of Thai Hoa into a Northwest urban center of Nghe An province. Thai Hoa will be upgraded into a third-class urban area by 2025, meeting the standard of a city affiliated with Nghe An province in 2021-2026. This approach has facilitated Thai Hoa to attract investment funds and create momentum for development.

Solutions to Attract Tourists to Nghe An Province

9:49:25 AM | 13/5/2021 | NGHE AN

Nghe An province, with its favorable geographical position to expand domestic and international economic exchanges that serve as an important prerequisite for development of tourism and other economic sectors, is always a charming destination for tourists as it has many distinctive and attractive tourism types like ecotourism, cultural tourism and festival tourism.

WHA Sponsors volleyball tournament in Nghi Hung commune

2:19:53 PM | 26/11/2020 | NGHE AN

In 2020, WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC, in cooperation with the People's Committee of Nghi Hung commune, Nghi Loc district, organized a men’s and women’s volleyball tournament. This event was held to celebrate the awarding of a New Rural Certificate to Nghi Hung commune.

WHA Industrial Zone 1-Nghe An Welcomes Goertek Precision Industry

2:49:29 PM | 16/10/2020 | NGHE AN

WHA Industrial Development Plc. (WHAID), a leading developer of industrial estates in Thailand and Vietnam, has announced the signing of a land agreement with Goertek Precision Industry Vietnam Company Limited, subsidiary of China-based Global Manufacturer of Smart Hardware and High-precision Components at WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An (WHAIZ 1-Nghe An).

WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC and Van Xuan University of Technology Sign MOU for Collaboration in Education and Recruitment

8:56:18 AM | 15/9/2020 | NGHE AN

WHA Industrial Zone Nghe An JSC and Van Xuan University of Technology jointly announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation, information exchange and promotion of education, training, and recruitment of high qualified workforce for existing and future factories in the Industrial Zone.

Nam Dan Developing Community-Based Tourism together with Rural Development

10:38:41 AM | 21/5/2020 | NGHE AN

Nam Dan district of Nghe An province was recognized to reach new rural standards at the end of 2017. The district has registered to carry out a model new countryside and been selected by the central government to be one of three districts nationwide to pilot a new rural model.

Nghe An - A Favoured Destination for Foreign Investors

9:25:04 AM | 2/12/2019 | NGHE AN

The central province of Nghe An has become a favoured destination for foreign investors thanks to its strategic location and improving infrastructure. In order to cater to the growing demand of businesses, the province has invested in its education system to build quality workforce and talent pool.

Nam Dan toward an Exemplary New Rural District

10:08:44 AM | 26/8/2019 | NGHE AN

With its ongoing effort and high determination, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province has completed new countryside construction after only seven years of implementing the program. In addition to the well upgraded infrastructure, the economic structure has improved greatly.

Active Approach in New Countryside Construction

10:07:21 AM | 15/7/2019 | NGHE AN

Nghe An province embarked on the National Target Program for New Countryside Construction with a lot of difficulties. However, with the highest political determination, endeavor and consensus of the people, Nghe An has made considerable achievements in improving the rural face.

Nghe An Tourism Removing Development Bottlenecks

9:43:04 AM | 1/7/2019 | NGHE AN

Nghe An has many advantages to develop tourism, from natural landscapes to historical culture. However, the achieved results are not really meeting the potential.