PHUSA Biochem: Joint Effort to Respond to Covid-19

10:05:18 AM | 30/9/2020 | CAN THO

The business community, including PHUSA Biochem Co., Ltd, has joined forces with the whole country to contain the Covid-19 pandemic since its outbreak in early 2020.

S.I.S Can Tho International Hospital: Where Patients Fully Trust

10:01:57 AM | 30/9/2020 | CAN THO

The S.I.S Can Tho International Hospital (Stroke International Services Hospital) has examined and treated more than 50,000 patients (nearly half related to stroke and cardiovascular diseases) just since beginning operation on February 20, 2019. The S.I.S Can Tho International Hospital treats not only stroke patients but also patients carrying other diseases like musculoskeletal surgery, congenital heart, cancer and arrhythmias. Hence, people in the Mekong River Delta are increasingly confident in the hospital.

Can Tho Port JSC Delivering Productive and Flexible Solutions

10:00:03 AM | 30/9/2020 | CAN THO

“In recent years, Can Tho Port Joint Stock Company has stepped up the introduction of many solutions like consolidating the staff, reshuffling workflows, seeking new customers, and improving service quality to expand effective business operations and elevate the role of Can Tho Port in the development of the Mekong Delta,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong, General Director of Can Tho Port Joint Stock Company. Duc Binh reports.

DXMT Corporation Increasingly Affirms Position in Mekong Delta

9:57:24 AM | 30/9/2020 | CAN THO

After more than two years of operation and development, Dat Xanh Mien Tay Corporation (DXMT) has become a major real estate brand in Can Tho City in particular and the Mekong Delta in general. The company thus contributes significantly to local socioeconomic development, especially in real estate.

Sustainable Chains Needed for Businesses to Tap EVFTA

9:54:51 AM | 30/9/2020 | CAN THO

The signing and enforcement of the EVFTA not only brings opportunities for export growth but also helps Vietnam's agricultural sector accelerate restructuring, with focus placed on competitiveness enhancement through product quality, traceability and packaging, helping Vietnam's agricultural, forest and aquatic products integrate deeply into global supply chains. Vietnam Business Forum has an exclusive interview with Mr. Pham Thai Binh, General Director of Trung An High-Tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company, on this issue. Duy Binh reports.

Power Generation Corporation 2 Determined to Perform “Dual Tasks” Well

9:52:05 AM | 29/9/2020 | CAN THO

Given the reemergence of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Power Generation Corporation 2 (EVNGENCO 2) is resolute to perform well its dual tasks: Preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the electricity supply for socioeconomic development and people’s livelihoods, especially providing safe and stable electricity for local production, hospitals, quarantine facilities and medical facilities for infected and suspected COVID-19 patients.

KVIP - Space for Business Startup and Technology Incubation

9:50:24 AM | 29/9/2020 | CAN THO

Korea - Vietnam Incubator Park (KVIP) based in Can Tho City is the result of a comprehensive cooperation program between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of South Korea. Located in Tra Noc Industrial Park 2, KVIP mainly supports innovation research and development, and incubates processing technology for new agricultural and seafood products.

Can Tho Obstetrics Hospital - Completely Trusted Address for Pregnant Women and Patients

9:48:46 AM | 29/9/2020 | CAN THO

Can Tho Obstetrics Hospital was established in 2014 from the separation from Can Tho General Hospital. This is a first-grade hospital with 250 beds (planned to be doubled to 500 beds). It has 21 departments and the Center for Antenatal and Neonatal Screening - Diagnosis.

Developing Transport Infrastructure to Attract Investment

9:46:42 AM | 29/9/2020 | CAN THO

In order to remove bottlenecks in transport infrastructure, the Can Tho City Department of Transport has proposed synchronous solutions to mobilize and efficiently use resources; thereby promoting investment attraction, contributing to speeding up the city's socio-economic development in the coming years. Mr. Le Tien Dung, Director of Can Tho City Department of Transport, shared with Vietnam Business Forum about this issue. Song Uyen reports.

Accelerating IT Application, E-government Construction

9:44:47 AM | 29/9/2020 | CAN THO

Given the COVID-19 pandemic breakout, building e-government plays an important role in changing working manners to ensure the smooth and effective service and operation of the administrative apparatus. Can Tho City has identified e-government building as a key task.