Building Specific, Outstanding Policies for Hanoi’s Robust Development

9:42:47 AM | 28/3/2024 | HA NOI

To clearly improve the investment and business environment, Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is working to raise the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) and the Provincial Green Index (PGI).

Continuously Enhancing Investment Climate and Elevating FDI Quality

2:05:46 PM | 27/3/2024 | HA NOI

As the national capital and an economic, political and cultural center of the country, Hanoi always takes the lead in investment attraction, especially high-quality foreign direct investment (FDI).

Focusing on Infrastructure Development to Transform Gia Lam into Urban District

2:43:21 PM | 26/3/2024 | HA NOI

To fulfil the project on forming Gia Lam urban district as approved by the Hanoi People's Council, Gia Lam district has been focusing on mobilizing investment resources to upgrade and complete infrastructure, especially transportation infrastructure and urban upgrading.

Industry and Trade Sector: Key Role in Hanoi’s Economic Growth

9:39:51 AM | 26/3/2024 | HA NOI

The industry and trade sector of Hanoi has made efforts to advise and implement many effective solutions to operational management; strengthen investment promotion, support production and business and work side by side with businesses to address difficulties.

Affirming Hanoi Tourism Brand on the World Map

9:39:09 AM | 26/3/2024 | HA NOI

Despite persistent domestic and global economic difficulties and challenges in 2023, Hanoi’s tourism industry witnessed many strong breakthroughs. All development indicators advanced from 2022.

Advancing Digital Transformation to Pave the Way for Hanoi to Become Smart Capital

3:28:51 PM | 25/3/2024 | HA NOI

Leading the country in carrying out Party and State guidelines and policies on digital transformation, with appropriate steps and progress, to date, Hanoi's digital transformation has produced many positive results.

Dong Xuan JSC: Driving Local Economic Growth and Enhancing Hanoi's Image

2:46:04 PM | 19/3/2024 | HA NOI

Over the past years, Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company has been relentlessly working to enhance the management and service quality for business activities at Dong Xuan Market, Dong Xuan Night Market and Hang Dao - Dong Xuan Pedestrian Street.

Hanoi to Promote Handicraft Export

1:01:52 PM | 15/1/2024 | HA NOI

At the AF L'ARTIGIANO 2023, eight prestigious handicraft manufacturing enterprises of Hanoi showcased many unique products, attracting many businesses from foreign countries.

Hanoi Paid 152 Billion VND in Health Insurance Medical Examination and Treatment Fees for Dengue Fever Patients

2:58:29 PM | 15/12/2023 | HA NOI

According to Hanoi Social Insurance, statistics in Hanoi city, in the first 11 months of 2023, the number of dengue fever patients examined and treated by health insurance is 166,499 with medical expenses. Health insurance is 152,656,908,871 VND.

Collective Economy Boosts Craft Village Development

9:44:25 AM | 15/8/2023 | HA NOI

To develop traditional craft villages, enterprises and cooperatives play an important role in addition to the support from local authorities.