Hanoi to Promote Handicraft Export

1:01:52 PM | 15/1/2024 | HA NOI

At the AF L'ARTIGIANO 2023, eight prestigious handicraft manufacturing enterprises of Hanoi showcased many unique products, attracting many businesses from foreign countries.

Hanoi Paid 152 Billion VND in Health Insurance Medical Examination and Treatment Fees for Dengue Fever Patients

2:58:29 PM | 15/12/2023 | HA NOI

According to Hanoi Social Insurance, statistics in Hanoi city, in the first 11 months of 2023, the number of dengue fever patients examined and treated by health insurance is 166,499 with medical expenses. Health insurance is 152,656,908,871 VND.

Collective Economy Boosts Craft Village Development

9:44:25 AM | 15/8/2023 | HA NOI

To develop traditional craft villages, enterprises and cooperatives play an important role in addition to the support from local authorities.

Hanoi Focuses Resources on Preserving and Promoting Craft Village Values

10:14:54 AM | 12/8/2023 | HA NOI

Traditional craft villages in Hanoi City have a long history and contain rich tangible and intangible cultural values. Preserving and promoting their cultural values, characterized by high community spirit, is an important approach and a helping hand for the city’s socioeconomic development.

Promoting Safe and Sustainable Agriculture

2:49:36 PM | 11/8/2023 | HA NOI

Me Linh district (Hanoi City) has actively pursued new rural development goals of “Safe agriculture, smart farmers, peaceful countryside” by learning from organic agricultural models in other provinces and establishing environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable agricultural production areas and chain links in the locality.

Efforts to Preserve Traditional Trades

2:41:29 PM | 11/8/2023 | HA NOI

Hanoi has four famous trades exhibited in the verse “Yen Thai clothing, Bat Trang pottery, Dinh Cong goldsmithing, Ngu Xa copper.” Having peaked in history, Dinh Cong goldsmithing has already faded. Currently, silversmithing in Dinh Cong is still preserved by the Quach family in the village.

Hoai Duc District Boasts 95 OCOP Products of High Quality

7:51:59 AM | 10/8/2023 | HA NOI

Hoai Duc district (Hanoi City) has implemented the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program to promote rural economic and employment diversification, enhance income generation, improve living standards, and effectively meet the national criteria for “economics and production organization” in the new rural development model, which aims to accelerate urbanization in communes.

Solid Foundation for Rural Development

12:47:11 PM | 8/8/2023 | HA NOI

Gia Lam district (Hanoi City) has been pursuing new countryside construction and urban development, while preserving and promoting the values of its traditional craft villages.

Thach That District Land of Many Trades

9:15:53 AM | 28/7/2023 | HA NOI

Thach That is a suburban district located in the west of Hanoi. It comprises 22 communes and one town, with a total of 59 villages. Among these villages, 50 are craft villages and 10 are recognized as "traditional craft villages".

Chuong My District Upholds Craft Village Tradition with OCOP Program

9:28:35 AM | 27/7/2023 | HA NOI

Chuong My district is home to 36 craft villages, with some very developed traditional trades like bamboo and rattan production, carpentry and embroidery.