Enhancing Effect of State Budget in Infrastructure Development Investment

8:56:35 AM | 19/8/2021

Lao Cai Construction Investment Project Management Unit (Lao Cai PMU) was established in 2019 from the merger of project management units affiliated with the Department of Health, the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Construction and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Since its inception, Lao Cai PMU has always strived to complete projects with guaranteed progress, quality and architecture, thus giving a facelift to infrastructure and meeting requirements of social and economic development.

Lao Cai PMU is assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to invest in State-funded construction investment projects in health, education, cultural, agriculture and rural development sectors as well as civil and industrial sectors. Many projects implemented by Lao Cai PMU are highly appreciated by the Provincial People’s Committee and sectors, including Kim Tan School Complex, Lao Cai City; Medicine School; Lao Cai General Hospital; Lao Cai Traditional Medicine Hospital; Lao Cai Hospital of Endocrinology; embankment on the right bank of the Red River in Lao Cai City; and the New Administrative Center of Sa Pa Town. In addition, Lao Cai PMU developed key planning projects such as the master plan for construction of Sa Pa National Tourist Area; the master plan for Y Ty Urban Area; and the master plan for Red River-side urban area construction connected with Pho Lu urban areas linked to Bao Ha - Tan An urban areas.

Currently, Lao Cai PMU is focusing on implementing projects to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Lao Cai reestablishment (October 1, 1991 - October 1, 2021), including anti-erosion embankment on the right bank of the Red River, Muong Khuong General Hospital, Bat Xat General Hospital, Lao Cai General Hospital (second phase), boarding high school for ethnic minorities, and Bao Thang Secondary and High School.

Lao Cai PMU Director Bui Minh Hai said, with the highest political resolve, Lao Cai PMU always closely follows directions of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee, the Department of Transport and the Department of Construction; proactively organizes and coordinates with relevant branches, localities and units to carry out drastic and consistent solutions to ensure the progress of project implementation.

For new construction projects, Lao Cai PMU strongly urges consultants and designers to focus on completing and handing over documents for verification and appraisal, and then for project approval.

For projects under construction, it will focus on urging contractors to increase equipment, machinery, human resources and financial resources and work overtime; resolutely reduce and transfer the workload of underperforming contractors who fail to comply with their contracts and commitments; and assign accountability to professional staff in charge of each specific project to monitor the progress of project implementation and budget disbursement.

On the other hand, concerning the acceptance of completed projects, Lao Cai PMU will promptly report to the Provincial People's Committee to arrange the fund for definitive payment, without leaving arrears for basic construction.

In the coming time, Lao Cai PMU will base on the leadership and direction of the Provincial People's Committee; the support of relevant agencies and localities; regularly and promptly contact, exchange information, coordinate with relevant agencies, beneficiaries and localities to solve problems, especially site clearance for projects to be carried out on schedule, with guaranteed quality. Thereby, it will further boost the effect of public investment fund in the province.

“Within the scope of regulations, Lao Cai PMU always creates favorable conditions for construction contractors to speed up necessary procedures; well manage the budget for advance, payment and settlement in full and in time for the specified purpose and time; quickly and concisely accept completed projects and conduct payment settlement procedures. Thereby, the unit has brought satisfaction to businesses and helped improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Lao Cai province,” Hai added.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum