Sci & Tech Drives Rapid and Sustainable Socio-economic Development

9:16:52 AM | 23/7/2023

By investing to develop scientific and technological potential, the science and technology (S&T) sector of Hung Yen province has focused on S&T research and application. S&T research and development (R&D) and application has played an important role in enhancing productivity, quality, effectiveness and competitiveness of the economy.

The conference on the establishment and operation of information mining and industrial property services in Hung Yen province

Adhering to practical requirements

MSc. Tran Tung Chuan, Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Hung Yen province, said: Executing the resolution of the 19th Provincial Party Congress (2020 - 2025 term), the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the close coordination with other agencies and sectors, S&T research and application personnel have endeavored to achieve many outstanding outcomes, significantly contributing to local socioeconomic development goals. Scientific research, technological development application and development innovation are based on right regulations and practical realities.

The department advised the Provincial People's Committee to select and implement 77 S&T tasks at provincial level in all fields (agriculture and rural development, industry and handicraft, social sciences and humanities, intellectual property, health and environment); and three S&T tasks under the Rural and Mountainous Development Program. In the 2021-2023 period, many companies have conducted S&T research and application for production and business activities like Hanvet Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Vietnam Agricultural Development Technology Joint Stock Company, and Biotechnology Joint Stock Company.

In addition, the department cooperated with central research agencies, the agricultural sector, industry associations and mass organizations in the province to build 45 application models of technical advances. Many models are effective and highly commercial (for example, Dong Tao chicken farming, softshell turtle farming, hemibagrus catfish farming, carp farming, yellow chrysanthemum cultivation, dong quai cultivation and achyranthes bidentata). The department also focused on supporting construction and protection of intellectual property (collective marks, certification marks and geographical indications) for 21 local specialties and key products.

To date, Hung Yen has 30 local specialties and key products protected by intellectual property rights, including the geographical indication of “Hung Yen” for longan products, 12 certification marks for Hung Yen litchi chinensis, Hung Yen honey, Hung Yen orange and other products; and 17 collective brands for sweet soya sauce, Van Giang bonsai kumquat, Dong Tao chicken and other products.

At the same time, the department reviewed, assessed and accepted 48 provincial S&T tasks and four S&T tasks under the Rural and Mountainous Development Program managed by the central government. The agency also sent comments on 204 investment projects and granted 16 registration certificates of technology transfer for investment projects in such fields as technology for manufacturing pharmaceuticals for humans and animals; technology for manufacturing electrical and electronic products, semiconductor components and plastics; and technology for smart equipment manufacturing technology. The department issued 144 announcements on regulation conformity and 64 announcements on standard conformity; and received 1,693 registration certificates for quality inspection of imported steel from enterprises. The agency also conducted State inspection into goods standards, measurements, quality and labeling in 302 facilities and administrative agencies at all levels; supported synchronous application of solutions to improve productivity and quality for 60 organizations and enterprises; supported verifying 20 control balances and 1,573 experiment balances in 24 markets in the province; inspected 27,799 measuring instruments of all kinds (removed 688 measuring instruments that did not meet measurement requirements) for production, delivery, payment, production safety, medical examination and treatment for people.

Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation

In addition to S&T research, application and development, State administration of S&T development, entrepreneurship and innovation are also promoted.

Currently, the province is home to eight S&T enterprises and nine S&T organizations licensed for operation by the Department of Science and Technology. To inspire the startup movement, the department organized a seminar and seven scientific workshops, supported four innovative startups; developed and broadcast 10 short reports on S&T activities on Provincial Radio and Television Station; and assisted five companies to attend exhibitions and demonstrations to introduce new technologies at S&T events.

Moreover, the department organized 13 training courses to disseminate S&T knowledge for over 13,000 trainees; supported domestic registration of intellectual property protection for 17 trademarks; advised and submitted to the Provincial People's Committee to recognize 43 initiatives for province-wide application; and supported research, completion and application of two initiatives.

The Department of Science and Technology has sped up dissemination and provision of S&T information. The department has operated the province's S&T exchange at the website address -; published 10 S&T newsletter issues with 10,000 copies; uploaded 300 news articles on its website; updated and supplemented information on S&T application results to the national S&T database system.

In the coming time, the department will continue to review and develop some policies on S&T and innovation and advise the Provincial People’s Committee for promulgation to turn S&T and innovation into the main engine of economic growth. The agency will reinforce state administration on science and technology.

The department will research, propose, adjust, supplement and develop new policies for comprehensive development of startup and innovation ecosystems; encourage and promote entrepreneurship; support and attract investment for innovative startups, and form an innovative startup ecosystem in the province.

The agency will encourage enterprises to invest in S&T research, development, application and innovation in order to enhance productivity, quality and efficiency of production and business activities; deploy S&T promotion activities for domestic enterprises in advanced countries in the world.

To better support local enterprises, the Department of Science and Technology will comprehensively reform S&T management mechanism by streamlining administrative procedures. Presently, all administrative procedures relating to science and technology have been simplified and rationalized to reduce the service time. These procedures have been brought online, fully and partially. In 2021-2022 and the first six months of 2023, the department received and processed 1,234 administrative application forms, with 100% handled correctly and in time. All applications were received online and their results were delivered at Provincial Public Administration Service Center.

By Ha Thanh, Vietnam Business Forum