Adaptable and Sustainable Labor Market Development

10:44:59 AM | 21/7/2023

With flexible vocational training solutions, human resources of Hung Yen province actually met requirements for both quantity and quality and supported Hung Yen to become a strong industrial province in the coming time.

TVET innovation and development

Mr. Dang Van Dien, Director of the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, said: Hung Yen province issued many instructive documents to guide implementation of tasks and solutions for fundamental and comprehensive reform and skilled worker training to build strong human resources for local socioeconomic development.

The province currently has 45 technical and vocational education and training (TVET) facilities, including 10 colleges, eight intermediate TVET schools, 15 TVET centers and other enterprise-run units. Three schools are selected to be key TVET providers with 10 key occupations (two key ASEAN occupations and eight key national occupations). Up to now, the number of trained workers and professionally trained workers has risen by 22% and 18%, respectively. Every year, over 22,000 trained workers are provided with jobs.

TVET renovation and development is considered a key task. Accordingly, training programs are strongly renewed to focus on developing capacity and vocational skills for workers. Training programs are independently developed by TVET institutions to grow learners' capacity, integrate knowledge and skills and promote the activeness, initiative and creativity of learners, with at least 70% of training time being practice. As a result, TVET quality has been raised towards modernity, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability so as to create a generation of young, dynamic, creative, industrial-style workers for the so-called Industry 4.0 era. Trained workers participate in most fields and capably start to take on sophisticated positions. On average, about 80% of trainees find jobs or create their own jobs after graduation. In some professions, this rate is 100%.

Boosting job creation

In 2022, Hung Yen province created new jobs for 25,000 workers, with 2,300 workers sent to work abroad. TVET enrollments reached 52,550 people (9.5% more than the number in 2021), including 44,000 people from rural areas (accounting for 84.6%). Trained workers accounted for over 68% and professionally certified workers (with degrees and certificates) accounted for 28.5%. Notably, in 2022, up to 92% of trainees were employed after graduation. In addition, TVET schools also offered career counseling and job introduction to trainees. These units are gradually developing into bridges for employers and employees.

In 2023, the labor, invalids and social affairs sector of Hung Yen province targeted to create jobs for 24,000 workers (including 3,100 workers sent to work abroad) and provide social insurance for 44% of workers, enroll 62,500 people in vocational training (3,000 people at college level, 7,000 people at intermediate level and 52,500 people at elementary level); bring the rate of trained workers to over 69%; and lift the rate of professionally certified workers (with degrees and certificates) to 31%.

Director Dang Van Dien said: To provide jobs for more workers, Hung Yen province has opened more job exchange days, counseling and job introduction events for workers. The province has accelerated digital transformation in job transactions to facilitate labor supply and demand connections, save costs and provide demand-based vocational training. The province has socialized vocational training and engaged all economic sectors in vocational training. Hung Yen has directed TVET schools to adopt and train new professions, dynamically expand on-the-job training, and receive students for training and internship.

Furthermore, Hung Yen province has further sped up information technology application and digital transformation in order to better meet the sector's task management, direction and administration, and help people and businesses to have the quickest access, gain full policy benefits, and strictly comply with regulatory provisions on labor and people with meritorious services to the nation.

Building and Developing the Gratitude Fund in 2023
The Hung Yen Gratitude Fund mobilizes voluntary contributions of organizations, enterprises and individuals in Hung Yen, other provinces and foreign nations to take care of people with meritorious services to the revolution alongside with the State. The Fund is built by mobilizing and engaging voluntary contributions and noble gestures of organizations and individuals in Hung Yen, other provinces and foreign nations to care, nurture, improve the life of people with meritorious services to the revolutionary cause, and carry out other gratitude activities. 95% of the total revenue of the Fund will be spent directly for people with meritorious services to the revolution (like funding the construction and repairing of houses for them; Visiting and supporting them or their relatives when sick, undergoing medical examination and treatment or living in difficulty; supporting localities with many poor people with meritorious services) and 5% will be used for administrative work (like stationery, communications, fund campaigning).
In 2022, the Hung Yen Gratitude Fund received over VND1.8 billion from 54 organizations, enterprises and people.
On the occasion of the 76th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2023), kindly request central and local agencies and companies in the province to encourage their officers and employees to continue to respond to and contribute to the "Gratitude" Fund with at least one day's salary or one day's income per person or use a part of their welfare funds to contribute to building the thanking and caring movement for the sake of wounded soldiers, families of martyrs and people with meritorious services to the country who deserve to have a better life.
All contributions and support should be sent to the Hung Yen Gratitude Fund:
- Name of the beneficiary: Hung Yen Gratitude Fund
- Account number: 3761.0.9003777.91011 - At the State Treasury of Hung Yen

Source: Vietnam Business Forum