Industry and Trade Sector: Helping Boost Administrative and Executive Capacity

9:13:46 AM | 21/7/2023

Along with advising and carrying out many solutions to remove difficulties in production and business for local enterprises, the Department of Industry and Trade launched industrial and trade promotion activities for them, especially by speeding up administrative reform and improving local administration, said Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum.

Awarding certificates of typical rural industrial products at the Industry and Trade Fair of the Red River Delta, Hung Yen Province 2022

What solutions and activities has the industry and trade sector advised and executed to support Hung Yen to boost economic growth, investment attraction and administration improvement?

The industry and trade sector always adheres to local practices to promptly grasp business situations and difficulties of enterprises to promptly put forth measures or solutions to the provincial government. In addition, many industrial promotion and trade promotion have been expanded and reformed to provide practical support for enterprises.

The sector has also actively reviewed regulations and procedures to early detect and remove barriers; reduced the time to complete investment, production and business procedures; strictly observed the service discipline of civil servants.

The sector also cooperated with other agencies and localities to improve the effectiveness of business support policies; informed and disseminated knowledge about international economic integration; promptly assisted enterprises in import and export, trade barriers and market expansion.

In addition, the sector has effectively carried out approved programs, plans and projects such as Plan 128/KH-UBND dated October 16, 2020 on support for building OCOP product showrooms and points of sale in 2020-2025; Plan for e-commerce development in 2021-2025; and Plan for longan trade and export promotion in Japan in 2021-2025.

To facilitate people and businesses to carry out administrative procedures, how has the sector endeavored?

Public administration reform (PAR) has been consistently executed by the Department of Industry and Trade and produced practical effects, especially when administrative procedure reform is aligned with changing thinking, working manner and attitude of public employees.

Every year, the department thoroughly understands, promulgates and applies PAR documents such as PAR Plan, PAR Communication Plan and Administrative Procedure Control Plan to provide the groundwork for its subordinate units to advise implementation. The department specifies the responsibility of each unit and individual in processing administrative procedures to thwart the fact that the service time is deliberately prolonged to upset people and businesses.

Its leaders and officials regularly educate and raise the awareness and responsibility of employees in performing official duties and change their approach from “give and take” mindset to “service” mindset where people are placed at the center of service.

To reduce the time of handling administrative procedures, the Department of Industry and Trade brought 116 administrative procedures online, including 92 completely online administrative procedures (accounting for 79.3%) and 24 partially online administrative procedures (accounting for 20.7%). In addition, the department proposed and advised the Provincial People's Committee to adopt the in-situ service at the Provincial Public Administration Service and Administrative Procedure Control Center for appropriate administrative procedures. According to the center, as high as 80-90% of administrative formalities are settled online.

These efforts are recognized by the people and highly appreciated by the Provincial People's Committee. The PAR score of the department is among the highest of the province for many years (in 2022, it ranked 2nd among provincial agencies and departments).

With the working principle of “Improving service quality, placing the people at the heart of service, taking the people's satisfaction as a measure of service quality", in the coming time, the Department of Industry and Trade will continue to reform, create and introduce more substantive, inclusive PAR work to help the province raise its overall Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index).

Pho Noi A Industrial Park located in Van Lam district, Hung Yen province has many advantages such as convenient transportation, modern infrastructure, and abundant labor resources

How do you think about the Business Support Services Index (in 2022, it lost 0.18 points as compared to 2021, ranking 44th out of 63 provinces and cities)? What are the solutions for the province to raise it in the future?

The "Business Support Policy" Sub-index is comprised of 24 indicators. As an assigned lead agency, the Department of Industry and Trade actively coordinates with relevant agencies to carry out business service development plans like trade promotion, investment legal advice, partner searching and business administration training. Particularly, the department responsibly advises on building support programs, plans and projects for distribution, e-commerce, trade promotion and consumer matching services.

To raise the score and ranking, the department is closely following programs and plans on PCI improvement launched by the Provincial People's Committee to work out action plans, focusing on below contents.

- Regularly reviewing and updating administrative procedures on its website for organizations and citizens to look up and keep track of the settlement process; strengthening information technology application, publicizing management; effectively applying online public service software in the industry and trade sector.

- Further supplying market information, especially information on processes, procedures and conditions for customs clearance and transportation as well as existing trade remedies and antidumping measures in place; connecting enterprises, manufacturers and traders attending trade conferences, fairs and exhibitions; implementing the export competitiveness improvement program for exporters in order to open more markets and increase export value.

- Attracting the investment fund for industrial and commercial infrastructure development; carrying out the master plan on industrial zone development in Hung Yen province to 2020 and further to 2030.

- Implementing the project on development of supporting industries in Hung Yen province to 2025 and further to 2030 based on new conditions, especially closely linked with industrial development plans of the Red River Delta and industrial restructuring plans.

- Encouraging, advising and supporting enterprises to promote innovation and creativity, scientific and technical application, new technology, advanced machinery and equipment; reforming production and business processes, minimizing production costs, improving product quality, designs and models to meet market demands.

- Reforming and expanding trade promotion, focusing on consulting and supporting enterprises in market research, especially in export markets, building and promoting brands and products; boosting marketing.

Would you be kind enough to tell us how Hung Yen province will tap local potential to attract the investment fund for the industry and trade sector in the coming years?

Industrially, based on the actual situation, scale and production performance of key products in the 2011 - 2020 period; local potential advantages; and major guidelines and orientations for national industrial development, in 2021 - 2030, Hung Yen province will focus on: (1) Digitally linked industries (electronic products, computers, optical products, software, automation, smart city construction and digital economy; (2) Supporting industry; (3) Agricultural processing and high-quality food manufacturing; (4) Medical and pharmaceutical equipment; (5) Electrical equipment; (6) Mechanical engineering; (7) and Automobile.

Commercially, the province will attract investors to invest in: Building trade centers in potential urban areas such as Hung Yen City, My Hao Town, Nhu Quynh Town, Van Giang Town, Khoai Chau Town and Yen My Town; developing supermarkets in An Thi, Tien Lu, Phu Cu and Khoai Chau districts; planning construction of Hung Yen Trade Fair - Exhibition - Trade Promotion Center with 500 booths on an area of 15,000 square meters; and developing wholesale markets for agricultural products in Kim Dong and Khoai Chau districts.

Thank you very much!

Source: Vietnam Business Forum