Breakthrough in Traffic Infrastructure

10:04:35 AM | 25/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

Vinh Phuc province has made breakthroughs in the transport infrastructure system in recent years, with synchronous modern investment in traffic infrastructure to ensure smooth connectivity to meet local transportation needs.

Boosting Cooperation with Businesses in Vocational Training

9:59:26 AM | 25/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

To meet the increasing employment demand, besides investing in facilities, actively renovating vocational training and standardizing teachers, Vinh Phuc Vocational College has promoted cooperation with businesses and international partners, and improved the quality of vocational training toward regional and world standards. Our reporter has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Trung Thien, Vice Rector of Vinh Phuc Vocational College, about this issue. Hoang Tham reports.

Vinh Phuc Creating Maximum Favorable Conditions for Investors

10:10:07 AM | 24/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide has chosen Vietnam as the first destination in his overseas trip. At this time, Vinh Phuc province has also officially completed procedures for granting an investment certificate worth US$100 million to TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd (under TOTO Japan Group) at Thang Long Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc.

Improving IP Infrastructure to Accommodate Redirected Investment Flows

10:07:46 AM | 24/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

In order to catch the wave of investment capital flow, in addition to constantly improving the investment environment and enhancing public service quality, Vinh Phuc province has made great efforts to upgrade infrastructure in industrial parks.

Vinh Phuc toward Industrially Developed Province by 2025

10:07:04 AM | 23/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

In the draft political report submitted to the 17th Provincial Party Congress, Vinh Phuc still sets the goal of becoming an industrialized province by 2025, one of industrial, service and tourism centers of the region and the whole country.

Industry Continues to Be Key Economic Sector

10:03:19 AM | 23/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

In recent years, the industry of Vinh Phuc province has always maintained a high growth rate. This result is attributed to joint effort of authorities at all levels and enterprises to overcome difficulties.

Lap Thach to Have At least Two Operational IPs by 2025

10:02:04 AM | 23/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

The Resolution of the 21th Lap Thach District Party Congress (the 2020 - 2025 term) states that Lap Thanh district will have at least two industrial zones in operation by 2025, aiming to become one of the largest industrial producers in Vinh Phuc province after that.

Intensifying Business Support to Attract Sustainable Investment

9:58:54 AM | 23/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

After 30 years of developing industrial and economic zones, Vietnam has attained many remarkable achievements in attracting investment and promoting industrial production development, trade growth, import-export development and employment generation.

VPIC 1 Starts Construction on Factory 6 in Ba Thien 2 IP

1:47:33 PM | 20/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

Vietnam Precision Industry Co., Ltd No. 1 (VPIC 1) recently hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to commence the construction of Factory 6 in Ba Thien 2 Industrial Park.

Enhancing Human Resource Development to Better Serve Businesses

1:41:41 PM | 20/11/2020 | VINH PHUC

Defining human resources, especially high-quality human resources, as one of breakthrough stages and prerequisites for sustainable socioeconomic development, Vinh Phuc attaches special importance to training and developing skilled human resources and vocational training.