Binh Xuyen II IP - Attractive Destination for Investors

9:42:44 AM | 21/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

Since its inception, Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park, invested and developed by Fuchuan Co., Ltd in Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province, has contributed to local economic development. The industrial park has synchronous modern infrastructure, and a green, clean, beautiful and environment-friendly manufacturing and working environment, making it an attractive destination for investors.

Effective Management of Labor in IPs

9:40:59 AM | 21/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

In recent times, the acceleration of investment attraction in Vinh Phuc's industrial parks (IPs) has brought many job opportunities for workers; however, it has posed great challenges in labor management for the local authorities. The Vietnam Business Forum had an interview with Mr. Vu Kim Thanh, Deputy Director of the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority about this issue. Nguyet Tham reports.

Actively Communicating Laws to Employers

9:40:03 AM | 21/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

The Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority has stepped up communication, dissemination and education of laws to employees and employers in industrial parks; strengthened administrative reform; and simplified administrative procedures concerning labor management, thus creating a favorable business environment for investors in Vinh Phuc and ensuring the rights and obligations of employees and employers.

Vinh Phuc Plans to Build 25 New IPs in 2021-2030

9:39:05 AM | 21/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

Vinh Phuc province plans to build 23-25 industrial parks with a total area of 7,000 ha in the 2021-2023 period, said Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuong, Director of the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks’ Authority. This is an important development step for Vinh Phuc to form regional industrial centers and attract large corporations to locate their investment projects in the province.

Vinh Phuc IPs Employ Nearly 110,000 Workers

9:38:05 AM | 21/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

The industrial parks of Vinh Phuc province are consistently employing nearly 110,000 workers and significantly contributing to local socio-economic development.

Daiwa Plastics Thang Long Adapting Well to New Normal

9:36:56 AM | 21/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

Wholly Japanese-invested Daiwa Plastics Thang Long Co., Ltd, established and put into operation in 2019 in Thang Long Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc province, manufactures plastic components for automobile and motorbike manufacturing industries...

Efforts to Realize "Dual Goals" in Industrial Parks

11:05:27 AM | 20/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

Overcoming difficulties and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vinh Phuc industrial parks continue to affirm themselves as safe and attractive destinations for investors. Vietnam Business Forum's reporter has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuong, Director of the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority, on solutions to realize the "dual goals" in Vinh Phuc province-based industrial parks. Nguyet Tham reports.

Priority Given to Hi-tech Electronics Development

11:04:21 AM | 20/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

Vinh Phuc province has faced certain difficulties in attracting high-tech electronics investment projects in recent years. Therefore, the province has been redesigning its investment policies to attract high-tech electronics firms.

SOJITZ Group, Partners Jointly Develop US$500 Mln Project in Vinh Phuc Province

10:56:03 AM | 20/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

In the framework of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s visit to Japan, on November 25, 2021, Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Lan, Secretary of the Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Vu Chi Giang, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; and other members of the Vinh Phuc delegation attended the Vietnam - Japan Investment Promotion Conference chaired by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh in Japan.

Vinh Phuc Exceeds the Target of Attracting FDI Capital

10:54:50 AM | 20/12/2021 | VINH PHUC

Overcoming difficulties and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with solutions to improve the investment environment, Vinh Phuc has continued to assert itself as a destination for investors as it exceeded the target of attracting DDI capital by the end of the second quarter and the target of attracting FDI capital by the end of the third quarter for the whole year of 2021.