Ninh Thuan: Remarkable Development

9:58:51 AM | 17/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

In recent years, Ninh Thuan province has been seen as a "gold mine" that entices many investors. This locality has become one of the five best performers in the country by economic growth rate.

Making Renewable Energy a Key Economic Sector

9:57:17 AM | 17/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

The "specialties" of sun and wind used to be the cause of poverty in Ninh Thuan; now they have become an advantage to develop this land. In recent years, Ninh Thuan has surprised many visitors, because this land is confidently wearing a new color - the color of the green energy industry.

Great Efforts for Better PCI, Better Business Service

9:55:21 AM | 17/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

Leaders of Ninh Thuan Provincial People's Committee, affirmed that businesses play an important role in local economic development. The performance of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) and the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) will be the foundation for the government at all levels to look at the quality of their macroeconomic governance.

Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan Shrimp Seeds: "The ultimate goal is still the success of shrimp farmers"

12:44:16 PM | 16/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

Viet - Uc Ninh Thuan Co., Ltd has made every effort to utilize local conditions to produce aquatic breeds in general and shrimp seed in particular. Instead of focusing on processing and export, Viet - Uc Seafood Corporation has developed a core technology to produce high-quality shrimp seed (currently Viet - Uc shrimp seed leads the industry with more than 30% of the market share in the country).

BIDV Ninh Thuan in Close Partnership with the Business Community and the People

12:42:14 PM | 16/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

Funding businesses is growing the bank," said Mr. Nguyen Tan Vien, Deputy Director of BIDV Ninh Thuan. This is clearly illustrated in the branch’s approach and policy in the context of COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, BIDV and its Ninh Thuan Branch are winning greater trust among customers and partners.

Ninh Thuan: Spectacular Breakthroughs

12:40:09 PM | 16/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

With right decisions, Ninh Thuan province achieved impressive socioeconomic progress. The provincial government has made efforts to improve the investment and business environment to make the province a worthy destination for investors.

Tax Administration Reform and Modernization

12:38:17 PM | 16/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

In recent years, the business community has sensed and appreciated the companionship of Ninh Thuan's tax industry when it constructed and applied many new and effective management mechanisms.

Applying High-tech to Boost Agriculture Development

12:01:00 PM | 16/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

Application of high technology in agricultural production is an inevitable trend of the world, especially in the era of technology 4.0. With this direction, it is expected that Ninh Thuan's agricultural sector will make strong strides.

Converging Advantages to Attract Investors

10:58:21 AM | 15/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

Not only enabling inclusive economic development with its own advantages, Ninh Thuan always puts the interests of enterprises on top. With the spirit of “stronger self-reliance”, Ninh Thuan is making important breakthroughs, making efforts with investors to overcome difficulties, especially since the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak from late 2019.

Green and Sustainable Tourism Development Creating New Look

10:56:53 AM | 15/3/2021 | NINH THUAN

Known for its harmonious beautiful landscape of plains, mountains and sea, Ninh Thuan is always an impressive destination in the eyes of domestic and foreign investors and tourists. Ninh Thuan has a good basis to build and break through, making tourism one of the six key economic groups of the province, ranking second after the renewable energy industry.