Bolstering Investment Attractiveness through Transparent, Healthy and Open Governance

12:53:27 PM | 1/6/2024 | NINH THUAN

Understanding the significant role that a transparent and efficient administration plays in attracting investment resources for economic development, Ninh Thuan province has consistently prioritized administrative reform to improve the quality of the business and investment environment.

Vibrant Transformation in Urban and Rural Landscapes

9:43:28 AM | 31/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

The province of Ninh Thuan, renowned for its sunny and windy landscapes, has undergone a significant transformation. It now boasts modern urban spaces and idyllic rural areas that offer a high quality of life.

Ninh Thuan Business Association Fostering Strong Business Connection and Collaboration

10:32:13 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

Ninh Thuan Business Association is steadfast in its commitment to bolstering its activities, serving as an important conduit between the government and businesses, aiming at nurturing the strong growth of the business community.

PMU Ninh Thuan: Strong Will, High Resolve to Finish Projects as Planned

10:28:33 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

The development of a strong transportation network serves as a catalyst for Ninh Thuan’s breakthroughs.

Positive Investment Flows into Ninh Thuan Industrial Parks

10:26:15 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

The surge in investment inflows into the industrial parks (IPs) of Ninh Thuan province in recent years has been a significant contributor to the province’s socioeconomic development.

Ninh Hai District: Focusing on Marine Economy and Tourism Development

10:23:59 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

Implementing appropriate solutions and methods, the coastal district of Ninh Hai has been concentrating on the effective utilization of its inherent potential and strengths to foster economic growth.

Thuan Bac District: Remarkable Achievements in Socioeconomic Development

10:20:35 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

Thuan Bac district, the northern gateway of Ninh Thuan province in the Nam Khanh Hoa - Bac Ninh Thuan economic region, holds vast potential. It’s poised for growth in tourism, energy, agriculture and urban development.

Phan Rang Thap Cham City: Aiming for Economic Acceleration and Smart City Transformation

10:16:51 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

Phan Rang Thap Cham city, a unique blend of sun and wind, is striving to become a major city that serves as a regional connector and is on the path to becoming a smart city.

Ninh Thuan Market Surveillance Agency: Ensuring Market Stability

10:11:52 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

Following a five-year transformation of its vertical operating model, the Ninh Thuan Market Surveillance Agency has demonstrated strong and professional growth. It has established itself as a key player in combating counterfeit goods, smuggling and trade fraud.

Aiming to Become High-Quality Shrimp Seed Center

10:01:59 AM | 29/5/2024 | NINH THUAN

Leveraging its natural advantages, strategic geographical location, and pristine marine environment, Ninh Thuan is endowed with many favorable conditions for shrimp seed production.