Green, Clean and Sustainable Tourism Development

8:44:48 AM | 1/7/2022 | NINH THUAN

Ninh Thuan has accelerated sustainable and environment-friendly tourism investment and development in the past years. To learn more about this development approach, our reporter has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Director of Ninh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Han Luong reports.

Ninh Thuan Destination of Unique Experiences

12:26:32 PM | 28/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

If Da Lat is poetry-like and Nha Trang is music-like, Ninh Thuan is like a colorful painting. Natural uniqueness makes Ninh Thuan a destination for unique experiences of tourists.

I&V-BIO Artemia Nauplii Center Co., Ltd Helpful Supplier of Friendly Products

12:22:13 PM | 28/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

The aquatic breeding industry of Ninh Thuan province has also become known in many localities in the country. One of the prominent, important contributors to this success is I&V-BIO Artemia Nauplii Center Co., Ltd (I&V BIO Vietnam).

Ninh Thuan Construction Joint Stock Company Determined to Become Strong Regional and National Brand

11:32:46 AM | 28/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

Ninh Thuan Construction Joint Stock Company is currently a leading construction firm and construction material trader in Ninh Thuan province. General Director Nguyen Van Quang said, "All products of the company are made for the construction industry and their quality standards must comply with mandatory regulations. Our determination is to grow and become a strong brand in the region and the whole country.”

Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Unit Focusing on Interregional Connectivity Projects

11:25:34 AM | 28/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

Being aware that traffic connectivity will be a "launching pad" for Ninh Thuan province to make breakthrough development, Ninh Thuan Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Unit (PMU) has sped up construction progress to ensure scheduled completion of projects.

Strengthening Magnetism of Industrial Zones

11:02:08 AM | 28/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

Ninh Thuan will strive to become a relatively developed province in the region and the country by 2025. To create a driving force for socioeconomic development, the province will focus on drawing investment flows into industrial zones. Accordingly, the Ninh Thuan Management Board of Industrial Zones has made ongoing efforts to build an open business and investment environment.

Brighter Urban Economy

4:18:25 PM | 27/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

During the 30-year journey of innovation and development, Ninh Thuan's construction industry has obtained encouraging achievements in most fields, especially in urban planning and economic development.

Industry and Trade Sector Actively Overcoming Hardships to Boost Performance

4:10:19 PM | 27/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

In 2021, despite being hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, with ongoing effective solutions, the industry and trade sector of Ninh Thuan province achieved optimistic progress in production and business activities. Based on its performance in 2021, the sector has stepped up information technology application and digital transformation to create new breakthroughs in 2022.

Improving PCI Index, Strengthening Investor Confidence

4:02:27 PM | 27/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

Determined to create breakthroughs in raising the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), in the past five years, the Provincial People's Committee has always attached much importance to building and applying mechanisms and policies to facilitate businesses to access resources, investment and business opportunities and obtained many positive outcomes.

Grasping “Golden Opportunity” to Draw Investment Funds

3:57:01 PM | 27/6/2022 | NINH THUAN

Ninh Thuan has a small natural area but has diverse climates, comprising sea, plains and mountains, with huge potential advantages for many industries to develop. With the enterprising mindset for the common good, Ninh Thuan Department of Planning and Investment proposed many practical policies and grasped all advantages to attract investment funds.