Clearing Three Bottlenecks for Dak Nong’s Breakthrough Development

9:48:45 AM | 3/4/2024 | DAC NONG

At the conference announcing the Dak Nong Provincial Planning for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang emphasized that Dak Nong province must address three critical “bottlenecks” to sustain future breakthrough development.

Dak R’Lap district New Spirit, New Motivation

10:15:50 AM | 19/5/2023 | DAC NONG

The achievements in the first half of the administration term will be a tool for Dak R’Lap district to strengthen its confidence, creating a new spirit and motivation for the Party, authorities and people of the district to successfully realize all goals of the 2020-2025 term and make Dak R’Lap develop more rapidly and more sustainably in the coming time.

Dak Song District: Innovative Mindset For Sustainable Development

10:11:53 AM | 19/5/2023 | DAC NONG

From a low starting point with a lack of resources and poor infrastructure, but thanks to the innovation of economic mindset as well as the efforts of the government, people and businesses, Dak Song, a mountainous district, has strongly risen, achieving important results in many fields.

Dak Glong district: Grasping New Development Opportunities

8:40:17 AM | 18/5/2023 | DAC NONG

Dak GLong is considered to have great potential, resources and capabilities to carry out the three-pillar economic development approach of Dak Nong province: Mining industry, agriculture and tourism.

Potential Destination and Incredible Opportunity for Investors

8:39:54 AM | 18/5/2023 | DAC NONG

“Dak Nong province is opening up many incredible investment opportunities in various industries and fields and calling for qualified businesses with big projects, so as to create a remarkable transformation in the local socio-economy,” said Ms. Ton Thi Ngoc Hanh, Vice Chairwoman of Dak Nong Provincial People's Committee

Tuy Duc: Border District with Great Potential

8:27:34 AM | 18/5/2023 | DAC NONG

After three years of executing the resolution of the 4th District Party Congress (2020-2025 term), with the resolve of the political system, businesses and people, Tuy Duc district has made much progress in social and economic development.

Krong No district: Committed to Facilitating Investors

8:23:36 AM | 18/5/2023 | DAC NONG

“Krong No district is committed to accompanying investors, being their reliable, long-term and sustainable partner, and providing the most favorable conditions for them in accordance with the working principle of investment and development cooperation,”

Dak Wil Forestry Co., Ltd: Accomplishing Forest Management, Protection Tasks

2:46:58 PM | 17/5/2023 | DAC NONG

Over the years, thanks to the efforts and solidarity of all employees of the company as well as close coordination with functional agencies and local authorities in management and forest protection, Dak Wil Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company has managed to preserve and develop its entire forest area.

Cu Jut district Socioeconomic: Development Steadily Advances

2:36:36 PM | 17/5/2023 | DAC NONG

Despite a lot of difficulties, with the timely and drastic direction of the District Party Committee and the District People's Committee, Cu Jut district has successfully maintained stable growth momentum for socioeconomic performance.

Improving Investment Promotion and Business Support

10:28:28 AM | 17/5/2023 | DAC NONG

The reorganizing of the Dak Nong Investment Promotion and Business Support Center has so far proven a right and effective decision. Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter has an interview with Mr. Nghiem Dinh Hieu, Director of the center, on its operations as well as its future activities.