Vietcombank Dak Nong Remarkably Contributes to Local Socioeconomic Development

10:11:39 AM | 17/9/2021 | DAC NONG

After 58 years of development, Vietcombank has increasingly affirmed and strengthened its leadership in the Vietnamese banking industry.

Environmental Protection - Green Growth

2:57:38 PM | 30/3/2020 | DAC NONG

Officially going into commercial operation in July 2017, after just over a year (2018), Nhan Co Alumina Plant Project reached its designed capacity of 650,000 tons.

Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial JSC Strengthens Foothold in Market

2:55:15 PM | 30/3/2020 | DAC NONG

Sachi, despite being a new crop, brings positive signs, especially when prices of pepper and some key agricultural products decline sharply. Sachi Tay Nguyen Commercial Joint Stock Company is successfully utilizing the value of sachi peanut, baptized the "king of all nuts".

Dak Nong Extends Best Support for Businesses

2:49:17 PM | 30/3/2020 | DAC NONG

To dramatically shift the economic structure towards industrialization and modernization, Dak Nong province always has clear views and policies and gradually strengthens its position on the country's economic map.

Promoting Local Potential Effectively and Harmoniously

2:45:10 PM | 30/3/2020 | DAC NONG

In 2019, the management of industrial zones was stepped up by Dak Nong Industrial Zones Authority to improve the effect of State management and development of local industrial zones. In the face of new contexts and requirements, to better meet development needs, the authority has been adopting practical policies.

Dak Nong Hosts Second Vietnam Coffee Day 2018

3:08:31 PM | 19/11/2018 | DAC NONG

The Second Vietnam Coffee Day of 2018 will be held in Gia Nghia Town, Dak Nong Province from December 9 to 11, 2018. Themed “Sustainable Coffee Development in Vietnam,”...

Minh Nhat Vina Coffee Co., Ltd: Committed to Successfully Building Large- scale Field Model in Dak Nong

1:13:50 PM | 10/3/2015 | DAC NONG

Dak Nong has natural conditions favourable for the development of a wide range of various crops, including major industrial crops such as coffee and pepper...

An Phong Dak Nong Investment and Export Import JSC: Improving Agricultural Value Chains

5:16:40 PM | 9/3/2015 | DAC NONG

Founded in 2005 with the main business scopes of processing and exporting agricultural products, An Phong Dak Nong Investment and Export Import Joint Stock Company has made a constant effort...

Dak Nong Heads for Sustainable Development

3:12:36 PM | 9/3/2015 | DAC NONG

In recent years, slow domestic and global economic recovery, weak internal resources, lacklustre business performances, and slow-moving projects have dragged on the social and economic development of Dak Nong province...

Dak Nong Tapping Local Strengths to Attract Investment

3:09:48 PM | 9/3/2015 | DAC NONG

Based on existing advantages and assessing its appeal to investors, Dak Nong province has launched many investment attraction programmes,...