More Support for Binh Phuoc Real Estate to Enter the Growth Track

9:58:01 AM | 11/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

Rapid economic development, complete transportation system and open investment environment are foundational for the Binh Phuoc real estate market to develop stably and become a bright investment choice in the Southeast region.

Bu Gia Map National Park: Leading Light in Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation

9:56:42 AM | 11/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago (in 2002), all the staff, from leadership to the rank and file, of Bu Gia Map National Park have always united and endeavored to build and develop it into a leading light in forest management, protection and development, biodiversity conservation and wildlife rescue.

FSC Vietnam: Stabilizing Production, Ensuring Jobs for Employees

9:56:25 AM | 11/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

In 2023, global and domestic economies are forecast to face difficulties and challenges: Negative impacts from global economic recession, high inflation, rising fuel prices, slowing consumption of commodities, tightened monetary policies and rising interest rates.

Binh Phuoc: Efforts for Better Business Environment, Welcoming New Investment Wave

9:53:50 AM | 11/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

Lying in the southern key economic zone, Binh Phuoc has many advantages to attract investors and develop large-scale projects. With many preferential policies, the province is making efforts to improve the investment environment and enhance the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) to welcome new investment waves.

Ensuring Project Progress and Quality, Improving Investment Performance

9:46:54 AM | 11/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

To realize the goal of rapid and sustainable development, Binh Phuoc province has mobilized all available resources for infrastructure construction.

Industry and Trade Sector: Creating Impetus for Economic Growth

9:42:08 AM | 11/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

Marching with the province's economy, the industry and trade sector of Binh Phuoc province has constantly grown to make important contributions to socioeconomic development.

Becamex Binh Phuoc: Advancing Local Socioeconomic Development

10:06:21 AM | 10/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

As one of the key projects of Binh Phuoc province, Becamex - Binh Phuoc Industrial and Residential Park is expected to become the diffusing nucleus to magnetize investment flows, support local socioeconomic development and create jobs for local workers.

Reforming, Improving Investment Promotion Activities

10:00:01 AM | 10/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

Investment promotion and attraction is one of the important tasks to successfully approach and draw domestic and foreign investment capital. Amid fiercer competition among localities and regions, Binh Phuoc determined that reforming investment promotion is an important breakthrough to attract investment flows and create momentum for socioeconomic development.

Multisector Development - Thanh Phuong Becomes Leading Real Estate Developer in Binh Phuoc

9:58:29 AM | 10/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

Thanh Phuong Real Estate - Investment Joint Stock Company, set up in 2016, has become a leading property developer in Binh Phuoc province with many projects in various fields as well as a familiar brand to people and investors in southern provinces, including Binh Phuoc.

New Hope Binh Phuoc Livestock Co., Ltd: Comprehensive Development for Vietnamese Livestock Industry

9:57:03 AM | 10/7/2023 | BINH PHUOC

With its ongoing investment for modern development, New Hope Binh Phuoc Livestock Co., Ltd has affirmed its position as one of the leading feed producers and pig farms in Vietnam.