Hai Duong creating optimal conditions for Japanese investors: official

9:42:59 AM | 1/6/2022 | HAI DUONG

The northern province of Hai Duong is striving to create optimal conditions for Japanese investors, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Pham Xuan Thang affirmed on May 30

Hai Duong Province Advancing Dramatically in PCI Rankings

10:55:00 AM | 29/4/2022 | HAI DUONG

Hai Duong province rose to secure the 13th position on the PCI rankings in 2021, 34 places higher than the previous year to stand among the good performers.

Eastern Cultural Values Promoted to Become Driving Force for Development

10:09:51 AM | 14/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

Promoting cultural values typical of the eastern part of Hanoi and building Hai Duong people to meet development requirements for the 2021 - 2025 period, with a vision to 2030, is one of six contents of the Action Program implementing the Resolution of the 17th Hai Duong Provincial Party Congress. The highest goal of the program is to elevate the culture and people of Hai Duong to meet development requirements and become a modern industrial province by 2030.

Nam Cuong Group Dedicated to the Development of Hai Duong City

10:07:18 AM | 14/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

A journey of nearly 38 years of development, with a dedicated and methodical investment and business strategy, has made the brand of Nam Cuong Group.

Improving Human Resources to Develop Hai Duong into Modern Industrial Province

10:03:37 AM | 14/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

As a province with large human resources of about 1 million people in working age, Hai Duong has been implementing and building many effective human resource development projects for the locality, notably the Project "Developing human resources to meet the requirements of building Hai Duong into a modern industrial province by 2030".

Focusing on Transport Infrastructure Development, Regional Connectivity Improvement

10:01:57 AM | 14/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

Hai Duong province focuses on mobilizing investment resources and developing transport infrastructure in order to increase regional connectivity, create a driving force to promote investment attraction, contributing to promoting socio-economic development and creating a premise for breakthroughs in the future.

Hai Duong Industrial Parks Authority Accompanying Businesses

9:58:54 AM | 14/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

Following the leadership and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee, and the Authority of Hai Duong Industrial Parks (IPs) has effectively implemented the state management of IPs and completed their tasks and plans excellently.

ECO BMC High Strength Concrete Bricks : Outstanding Construction Quality and Aesthetics

9:18:34 AM | 10/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

Concrete materials are now used very commonly in construction projects, from houses and roads to urban areas and parks. ECO BMC high strength concrete bricks made by Hai Duong province-based ECO BMC Investment Joint Stock Company are distinctive from the competition thanks to aesthetics, durability, and environmental friendliness.

Constrexim - Hod: Spreading Leadership Imprints

9:16:04 AM | 10/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

As an investor of many large-scale real estate projects in Hanoi such as Tam Trinh 409 Garden Villas and Green Park Tower Deluxe Apartment, Constrexim Housing Development Investment Joint Stock Company (Constrexim - Hod) also invested in Mat Son Lake Residential Area Project in Chi Linh (Hai Duong province), licensed for the first phase deployment in August 2021.

ANT VINA Co., Ltd Bringing Most Optimal Solutions to Customers

9:12:41 AM | 10/3/2022 | HAI DUONG

ANT VINA was established in 2015 to deliver inclusive logistics services like consulting procedures, declaring customs clearance, applying for import and export permits, import and export consignment, packing - loading and unloading - cargo lifting, providing multimodal transportation, making settlement reports and warehousing for businesses in many provinces.