VSIP Hai Duong - An Emerging and Successful Industrial Park in the North

1:36:48 PM | 10/9/2018 | HAI DUONG

VSIP Hai Duong is the sixth project of VSIP Group. Officially launched in April 2015, VSIP Hai Duong has transformed and developed 150 ha of agricultural land into a modern industrial estate...

Hai Duong Shoes JSC: Constant Growth

5:56:28 PM | 7/9/2018 | HAI DUONG

After 34 years of construction and development, Hai Duong Shoes Joint Stock Company has overcome numerous difficulties to become stronger, more stable, especially 15 years after going public...

Hai Duong Building Active and Constructive Government

5:54:05 PM | 7/9/2018 | HAI DUONG

In a bid to unlock its potential geo-economic advantages to strongly develop Hai Duong into an “industrial centre of the northern region and the country” and achieve “dynamic, comprehensive development

First Singapore-invested Animal Feed Plant in Hai Duong

9:53:45 PM | 22/1/2018 | HAI DUONG

An animal feed plant was inaugurated in Dai An Industrial Zone in northern Hai Duong Province on January 18 by HAID Hai Duong and HAID Feed Co. Ltd...

Chi Linh - Hai Duong Promoting Cultural and Spiritual Tourism

3:46:20 PM | 11/10/2017 | HAI DUONG

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hai Duong province coordinated with the Chi Linh Town People’s Committee to conduct a survey programme...

Investment Attraction in Hai Duong: Not Just a Slogan

4:14:59 PM | 3/9/2015 | HAI DUONG

Hai Duong province has so far licensed 299 foreign investment projects with a total registered capital of US$6,676.2 million from 24 countries and territories,...

Hai Duong Continues to Redouble Efforts for Higher PCI

4:11:39 PM | 3/9/2015 | HAI DUONG

According to VCCI and USAID announcement last April, Hai Duong advanced 10 rungs in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), ranking 31st in 63 Vietnamese cities...

Hai Duong Maintains Credibility

4:10:37 PM | 3/9/2015 | HAI DUONG

In December 15, 2014, Hai Duong province ranked 11th among 63 localities in attracting FDI, with 321 projects and registered capital of US$6.48 billion...

Hai Duong: Well Prepared for IP Infrastructure to Welcome Investors

4:09:26 PM | 3/9/2015 | HAI DUONG

Hai Duong province has been attracting significant investment in its industrial parks (IPs) in recent years with modern infrastructure and stable production,...

Hai Duong Banking Industry: Deploying Solutions to Support Businesses

4:04:22 PM | 3/9/2015 | HAI DUONG

During the tough economic context affecting the production and business activities of enterprises in recent time, the State Bank of Vietnam – Hai Duong branch (SBV Hai Duong) and credit institutions...